So guys, if you're unable to afford a DSLR, yet lurk for one that comes in your device, then the wait is over.

First and Foremost, device must be on Snapdragon chipset.

This video contains two parts:
Part1. This involves installation of modded Gcam on Lenovo K6 POWER. In this app you don't need to change any settings.

ROM supported:
Rest I didn't check, so you may add it in comments below.

Scrubber GCam App link

Part2. This is for those running on Android 7.1.2 but not on K6 POWER.

You first check the compatibility of your device from this App

If all are Green then well and fine. Install Modded GCam latest version here

Change the settings as I have shown in the video.

If one or more red signals are shown on the app, then you'll have to install magisk manager first.

  1. Then download this C2API Zip file. and flash like shown in video. 
  2. Reboot after flash.
  3. After reboot, I all signals will turn green.

If not, comment below.
Then install the Modded GCam app from above link and carry out with the settings.

Now, your device is fully ready to give DSLR type portrait mode.

Video Guide:


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