TechGyd by Sukalyan: An Intro

TechGyd by Sukalyan: Introduction
TechGyd by Sukalyan: An Intro

Hello there!

This is my first blog post and you should definitely expect this to be filled with texts from an inexperienced yet aspiring blogger.

My introduction

Sukalyan Mukharjee
Sukalyan Mukharjee

I'm Sukalyan Mukharjee. Now before you start looking for who in this community am I, it would be helpful for you if I mention I'm a nobody.

I got my Masters in Applied Mathematics (yeah, nothing related to this business). Maths has been my first love and will continue to be.

However, I can't deny the urge that I have for writing down. I had a lurking tendency of writing down article, letters (apart from those foolish curriculum) only to discover my creativity within.

TechGyd on YouTube
TechGyd in YouTube

Thus, TechGyd. Do note, I started a channel on YouTube before writing here only to check if people across the internet will ever accept the content I deliver them.

They did.

I still don't call myself a professional blogger. Neither do I desire blogging to serve my living. This is my very first blog that I intend to keep visitor friendly and authentic.

Other than blogging, I am a teacher at a convent school. So, I'm more known for my teaching than as a blogger.

Why am I blogging?

Like many wise folks around, one should decide only when every outcome of an event is deeply analysed. Is it getting weird? Let me explain.

Once you think about blogging, it should be clear to you what the community out there expect from your content. You should be responsible for the information you are sharing with them on a global platform.

Why am I Blogging?

As of date, if you search any particular keyword, Google pops up thousands of results. But after visiting them, you end up not being satisfied with junkies in that website. The sole purpose of visiting gets lost.

I had a different thought.

"Give them what they want."

I started this as a result of that thought process to deliver people what they are looking for, not just pushing them into the crowd of fat words.

What you'll get here?

This is a question born out of the above question. Visitors who end up visiting my blog will be given detailed as well as accurate account of their queries.

I have a habit of sharing what I learn. Often I end up writing contents on variable niches. I take one niche up per season and keep adding my knowledge one by one.

Content is King
Content is King

A lot of reviewers keep saying me, "One must stick to a particular niche to grow faster and gain a higher Domain Authority." That is true. Something I failed to stick too.

Initially, I am willing to pen down about Firmwares, ROMs and Rooting Android devices. I might, cling on to a separate niche after a while. *Experimentation*

I've got plans to set my blog in writing about programming languages in the near future. Maybe, I'll stick to that.

Since, blogging is my leisure job, you can expect new posts every weekend.

Who am I writing for?

I am willing to keep this blog welcoming for anyone above 13 years of age. Since I'm penning contents from India, the primary concern is to serve students from schools, colleges and other institutions with knowledge that can help them build a community herein.

How can you contribute?

If you're wondering why this question came up, you have every right to be. My job is to put up contents that target a specific range of people. But, remarks, feedbacks and vote of appreciation from your end will make this happen.

Feedback matters
Your feedback is important

To every posts I publish, I'll be eagerly waiting for your thoughts on the comments box. Nevertheless, you can expect an immediate reply around 20:00 hours to 22:00 hours IST everyday.

Also, if you are an avid reader of TechGyd you can subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated about our latest posts.

Goals of TechGyd (if any)

This blog has sole purpose of serving accurate information to its viewers. However, everyone should set a goal to achieve something meaningful.

Goals of TechGyd
Goals of TechGyd

I am starting this blog to reach atleast daily visitor count of 10k by the end of the first year. For that you as a reader will play a vital role in sharing my contents and shaping our blog.