March 22, 2018

Cast Android screen from one phone to Another

How to cast one android phone screen to another?

  1. We need two devices as the name suggests... one and the other also over the same WiFi network.
  2. Now the phone whose screen you want to stream, need an app to be downloaded from PlayStore.
  3. "Screen Stream Over HTTP"
    Screen Stream Over HTTP
    Screen Stream over HTTP (Beta)
  4. Once downloaded, open it and click on Start Streaming.
  5. screen mirror over http
    App Screen

  6. Now on the other phone, open Chrome Browser/or any other that you have.

  7. screen mirror over http
    Streaming is On

  8. Type in the IP address that is showed on the other screen.

  9. Simply press GO, and that's it friends, you've just streamed your android phone on another device.

However, one cannot control anything that's showing on browser screen, but only sit back and watch the stream over HTTP. Cool, huh?

For more such cool tricks follow TechGyd by Sukalyan.


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