February 19, 2019

Enable WhatsApp UPI Payments: Guide

Well as you guys are aware that Whatsapp has started rolling out its UPI base Payment Interface on Android Platform, and this unquestionably has been much awaited feature considering current digitization in India. So without much jamming let's get straight to the point: HOW TO ENABLE?

Enable WhatsApp UPI Payments

How To Enable WhatsApp UPI Payments Feature?

Follow the steps below and enable the feature:
  1. Make sure that you have downloaded the latest Whatsapp from Playstore.
  2. Now, send a request here, that will be forwarded to me. (Hush! It's safe my friend)

  3. enable whatsapp payment

  4. After you have the payment icon enabled under the attachment pin, go to settings and you'll notice a new option, "Payments"

  5. whatsapp payment interface
  6. Now just follow the steps and connect your Bank account linked with the same number as in which your Whatsapp is operating.
Check this video for more details:

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