Hidden Facebook Settings you MUST change!


Dah! The Social Media giant is on pile of fire fueled by wrath of agony from its users itself after the recent disclosure of Cambridge Analytica incident.

Deleting Facebook, which you have moderated for so long, hardly makes any sense and raises the question at the first place, why did you choose to come in?

However, admitting the matter that hardly users among us read the TnC's and Permission asked by the Website or its App, this negligence is what gave birth to today's case.

Hidden Facebook Settings you MUST change

But, if you happen to raise your concers about the social media handle you manage, you might come out with suitable choices to make and ensure your privacy at the first place.

So, here I list down few Hidden Facebook Settings you MUST change!

1. Manage App Permissions

Assuming the affordability of Data and Portable Devices, I keep this as the prime point.

Two of Facebook's most downloaded app includes Facebook and Messenger App.

Change Permissions for Facebook App
Goto App Info for Facebook App and Select 'Permissions'.

App Permissions

Turn Off

Here revert all the options to off.

But in that case, there are a few hindrances that might stand up.

Without Storage Access being granted, Facebook App won't let you upload or download media files via the app.

If you're among regular story uploading user on Facebook then switching off Camera and Microphone will smash your job.

Change Permissions for Messenger App
To begin all afresh, I suggest you Clear Data of the Messenger App from App Settings.

Clear Data

Then while carrying out initial setups, don't turn on Text Anyone on your phone, and Send and Receive SMS in Messenger.
Don't Turn On

Select Not Now

Also, it is not required to add your phone number on Messenger.
Not Now

If you are curious about the contacts uploaded on Facebook server from your account, you may refer this link and find out for yourselves.

Here, you can choose to individually delete these contacts or Select All.

Download Facebook Data

Also, you can Download a copy of your Facebook Data and will definitely be surprised to discover lots of things you remain unaware of.

2. Setting Limits on Ads displayed

If you're browsing for some stuff to buy online, using the Gmail ID linked to your Facebook Account and use Facebook after a while, have you had the feeling about the same things been stuffed up in your news feed? This is what I'm writing about. You can restrict Ads on your feed, by following these steps:

Move into your Account Settings and click on Ads.

Here, you can toggle off your personal data that you don’t want Facebook to share with advertisers.

Ads Settings

Or you can volunteer to keep a few relevant to you.

There are a yet other things you can change to further control the kind of ads you’ll see, and to limit Facebook’s stalk-worthy tracking:

Change 'Ads with your social actions' to No One.

Ads Settings

Set ‘Ads on apps and websites off of the Facebook companies’ to ‘No’. 

Set ‘Ads based on your use of websites and apps’ to ‘No’ as well.

3. Check Apps and Services

If you wanna be sure about leaking or lending ,whichever suits you, your info on Facebook, then check out the Apps and Services linked with your Facebook account.

We often Log In to Facebook to participate in Funny and Engaging Apps which we later forget to remove from our account.
Simply go to 'Account Settings', and then ‘Apps.’

Here, you’ll see a list of apps that you’ve connected to your Facebook account. Remove the ones you don’t use anymore.

Apps and Services

While Removing a Dialogue Box appears saying that the app will retain your Data. So now you see you can't take it back. Yet, removing it will secure your privacy for coming days.

4. Miscellaneous Steps from your part

While logging into any third party app or websites that has the facility of logging in using your Facebook ID details, review what info it is interested in, without directly accepting the Request. 

To end this case, nothing in the world comes free, except for Love. Else, everything comes with vested interest. Third party apps and websites sell your info to other companies for providing Ads that might lure your interest.

So be Smart, be Generous, and stay Aware.
Share this among your friends to keep them updated about such safety measures.

Thanks for your attention. Do comment below if it helped you.


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