Start a Blogger Blog in 2019

Lots of people want to earn money online as a part-time job, and blogging is a very good option.

Starting from this episode I'm going to show you how blogging can eventually help you earn lots of money.

But before jumping into the obvious discussion it is necessary to know about the subject that you are interested to work on.


Start a Blog in Blogger
Start a Blog in Blogger

What is Blog?

To cut it short, a blog is a specific website that focuses mainly on written contents. Those contents are referred to as Blog Posts.

You've heard to celebrity blogs, media blogs, fashion blogs, so basically speaking you can pick up any niche of your will and start writing on it.

It is however not necessary for one to be a Shakespeare in English to write contents for one's blog if only your post readers can understand your contents and interact with you from comments box, that indeed is worth more than perfection in any Language.

Why create a Blog?

If you have an idea or in-depth knowledge on any particular niche and want to share your idea with people around on the internet, but you are shy or are lacking fluency in speaking, then nothing could be a better alternative than writing Blogs.

I myself have started writing Blogs since February 2018 and now am so fond of writing contents for helping others. So if you are willing to share your knowledge in free time with the mass by writing posts, Blogging is a great option.

How to Create a Blog?

Creating a Blogger Blog is really simple task that involves following steps:
  1. Sign in with your Google Account.
  2. Create a New Blog.
  3. Add Title and URL of your blog.
  4. Click on View Blog to see your new blog.
Now, let's get detailed cover up of the above steps.

1. For creating a blog, the first most important thing is having a Gmail Account. If you have one, that's cool else sign up.

2. Visit and Sign In.

Blogger Home Page
Blogger Welcome Page

3. When you are signing in for the first time then you'll face a box like the one below. Here you have to enter the Blog Title and the preferred Blog URL.

Create Blog Dialog Box
Create a New Blog

If the blog URL is available then you can see a tick mark adjoining to the URL bar.

Notice the tick mark
Enter Title, Address and check availability

Below which you'll be offered themes to choose from. You can select any one among them and simply launch your blog.

4. Click on View Blog to see what the blog will look like in the published model. A new tab will open up and that will contain the URL you specified while making the blog.

View Blog
Newly Created Blog

So, as you can see friends that creating a blog is completely free and is a very short process. Also, now that you have a basic idea of the blogger blog platform, why not write your first article. You can refer to this video for further guidance on this topic.

Video Tutorial:

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