How to Speed Up Slow Pen Drive?

Hi friends, most of us face a common problem when we connect USB Storage Devices aka Pen Drive to our PC (which in my case is running on Win 7 Ultimate), and that is while copying files to and from Pen Drives to PC the transfer speed is drastically slow. I have found that to be around below 500 KBps.

How to Speed Up Slow Pen Drive?
How to Speed Up Slow Pen Drive?

Unquestionably that takes away a lot of time and definitely our patience when it comes to a hurried sort of situation. But here I have come up with an interesting IDEA of speeding up the Slow Transfer of Files via Pen Drive. Believe me, that will guarantee a 250-300% boost in transfer speed.

How to Speed Up Slow Pendrive?

Follow the steps properly:
  1. Plug in your Pen Drive and Identify the Drive Letter assigned to it. We'll need that later on.
  2. Identify drive letter
  3. Now Right Click on the USB Drive and select Properties.
  4. Once the Properties window opens, Go to the Hardware tab.
  5. Visit Properties
  6. Select the Pen Drive from the list of devices shown and click on Properties from that Window.
  7. Click Change Settings
  8. When the Pen Drive Properties window opens then Click Change Settings.
  9. Click Policies
  10. On the new window go to Policies and select Better Performance.
  11. Then just press OK and come back to the My Computer window.

From here you can obtain two steps.

One, by formatting your Pen Drive to NTFS File System from FAT/FAT32 File System and go on enjoying.

Two, by using command prompt to change your Pen Drive file system without even formatting and so no data loss. But the second method is a bit time consuming so its left to you.

Formatting your pen drive is very simple and it needs no lesson.
But in Command Prompt we need a command to execute this job.

So, now open the command prompt from the Start Menu by simply typing cmd. Next, follow the steps carefully.
  1. Type the following command:
  2. convert H: /FS:NTFS
    Type command
  3. Change the drive letter as per your computer. After that, you will see several changes on My Computer Screen with your drive sometimes missing out even when plugged in.
  4. Speed up pendrive
  5. Simply give the machine 3-5 minutes time and come back only to find your drive now has an NTFS File System instead of pre-existing one.

Now that our job is done let's copy a file and check out the speed. Let me know in the comments section.

The image below will blow your eyes.

Increased speed

Check the video tutorial of the same:

Sit back and calculate the rate of speed increased. Till then I'm going to pen down some more interesting Tips and Tricks.

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