How to Write a Blog Post: A Step-by-Step Guide

In this article, I have tried to explain the process of starting to write Blog Posts. This guide is for absolute beginners who are keenly interested in blogging. Having said that, in case you wanted to know about opening a free blog on blogger platform you might give this a read.

How to Write A Post in Blogger?
How To Write A Post in Blogger?

How To Write Blog Posts?

1. Once you're signed into the blogger dashboard you just created you'll find an Orange Button with the words "New Post" written on. For a completely new blog you can also select the Create New Post link in the open space.

Create a New Post
Create a New Post

2. When you click it, you'll face a new Page like the one below. This is the text editor, where you can compose the entire content that you are willing to publish to your viewers. It looks similar to a Word Editor, and contains two separate editing options.

Post Editor Window
Post Compose Window

3. If you are not an expert at coding HTML then the Compose is for you.
But if you are a little bit into coding and understand how syntax and segments work together, then you can improve your content by digging out on HTML codes.

4. Add a Title to your blog post on the Title Bar.
5. Now simply click anywhere on the blank page and just start typing.
You will notice that the blog post is auto saved after a fixed period of time. Once you're done writing the contents you can choose to Preview it before making it public.
6. Once all the checking is done, simply click on the Publish Button.
7. Now you can click on View Blog and once the blog opens up, you will get to see the post that you just published.

First Post Published
Published Post

But friends this a completely basic level guide for beginners so I have skipped a lot of steps before publishing the post.

Video Tutorial:

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