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Previously I showed you how to write a blog post I mentioned that the right side of the post editor window contains Post Settings Pane which contains several options underneath. The list begins with the word Labels. In this article I have discussed about the importance of Labels in Blog and where to use them.

Labels/Tags/Menu Bars in Blogger

What is a Label? Why should it be added?

In Blogger the categories are called as Labels. Imagine you are writing contents on your website on a variety of items or genres, and that is not categorized. This creates a haphazard page for the visitor who approached your blog for some healthy resources.

Labels in a Blog

Keeping user experience in mind, a blogger must categorize the posts that he pens down for a better browsing experience.

How to Add Labels?

Whenever you open a New Post Window for creating an article, the right side of the window contains Post Settings Pane which contains several options underneath. The list begins with the word Labels. If you are writing the first post which belongs to a category say, "Blogging" then simply click the Labels option and in the text box write down the name of the label.

Select Done. Else if you want to add a few more labels then use "," as a separator. Once you have dedicated a Label in any of your posts, You'll see that the label will appear below the text box next time when you want to add any labels to your post.

How can you use labels properly?

Most of the beginners come across a common misconception that labels create a SEO ready blog. Unfortunately that ain't the truth. They are purely to organize your content and help readers find posts so really think about the labels you use.

Category of Blogging

If you have a menu bar on your blog that shows the category of posts that you have in your blog then you can add the URLs of those labels for better navigation or lets say a filtered search result.

Labels gadget!

You can choose to show a cloud of categories that your blog will cover. For that:
1. Simply switch to the Layout Menu from blogger dashboard.
2. On the right sidebar click on Add A Gadget.
3. Navigate all the way down to the Labels gadget. (You can modify how it will appear on the homepage).
4. Click Save.
5. Visit your homepage, you'll find the right sidebar contains the Labels.

Labels Gadget

Adding Menu Bars in Blog!

For linking tabs in Menu Bar with different labels you must have Labels and few posts within it. If done, let's proceed.
1. Go to Layout and click Add A Gadget in the Right Sidebar.
2. Now, navigate to the list of gadgets and select Labels Gadget.
3. According to your needs you can tweak the Labels Gadget and save it.
4. Then visit the Homepage of your blog and refresh it to find the newly created Labels Gadget in the Sidebar. 5. Right Click on the Label and Select Copy Link Address. 6.Now go to the Layout Page in the blogger dashboard and Add Pages Gadget to Crossbar section of your blog.

Configure Page List

7. Now this window will appear. By default only Home appears. Click on Add External Links.
8. Then, add the Page Title and the corresponding labels gadget that you just copied.

New page Window

9. Repeat the same process for all the pages that you wanna include. Then finally Save It.
10. Visit the blogger homepage and refresh it again. You'll see the Blog Menu Bar with all working links.

Video Tutorial:

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