March 26, 2018

E-mail Marketing - Explained | How to do?

Friends, many a times you have definitely seen marketing messages in your Mailbox and sometimes in spam box too 😂. But have you wondered why are there such mails, who in general send you these? and Why? In this article I have explained about E-mail Marketing and also how to earn money from them?

So, what is E-mail Marketing?

Nothing much complex about what it means, this implies promoting a certain product/brand via E-mail services. However, a stronger definition can be put as, using E-mail services to develop bond with potential customers/clients. 
Email marketing is one segment of internet marketing, which indulge online marketing via websites, social media, blogs, etc. It is essentially the same as direct mail except that instead of sending mail through the postal service, messages are sent electronically via email.

To be precise, E-mail marketing allows business to keep their followers updated with latest release on their websites. 

How to begin E-mail Marketing?

Naturally, the question that is now pondering on our mind is how to begin from scratch? Also, another question climbs up that is what are prerequisites for E-mail Marketing?

I'm going one after other so that you get it clear. 

1. How to begin from Scratch?

You must have some idea/niche/topic based on which you are doing a serious study or research. It can include:
  • Promoting your blog
  • For Affiliate marketing
  • Promoting any specific product
  • Promoting Upcoming Business
 Once you've the idea to work with, you can simply start with it. 

2. Prerequisites for E-mail Marketing

Friends, this is by now the headache, what is necessary to start this job. As of the topic, we definitely need E-mail addresses for sending our notifications to them. It doesn't make sense without it right?

Talking about listing down E-mail addresses, you can manage to jolt them down in two ways:

Firstly, via Normal Manner. You've noticed my website contains a subscribe by E-mail box in the footer region. Now, whenever a visitor comes across an interesting stuff from my website, he/she might as well subscribe via E-mail for further updates for such interesting contents. This is completely free. In this manner we can gain an initial base to begin this. 

Secondly, via Indirect Manner. Like you actually buy a heavy list of Subscribers' E-mail addresses for sending them notifications about your niche, which might not carry them any relevance and they might instead get compelled to SPAM your messages. I prefer, not to follow this path.

Lastly, are there tools to list down E-mail addresses?

As I mentioned beforehand, primary requirement includes a Follow by Email box at any part of your website. I have used so many Subscribe box from different websites available on Searching from Google, but I feel Feedburner is the best. This tool helps to automatically deliver new articles from Blog, which a visitor has subscribed to.

In this manner, you'll earn direct and greater traffic to your blog. This will definitely help your niche grow among them.

I hope I could clear any confusion/dillema regarding this E-mail Marketing and now you know how and where is it helpful! 

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