Possibly you have noticed, if you are logged in to your blogger, and then publish any post from it, the author name appears same as that name on your linked Google us account or Blogger Account. If you wish to change it then this post is for you. Follow all the steps carefully as we will be modifying the HTML code of the blog.

Here, if you want to change your Existing name to lets say, admin. Such that the next time we post any new article the name will be as admin instead of the linked account. Also, under the posts if date/time, author details, etc are shown there also the changes will be reflected.

How to change Author Name in Blogger?

STEP 1: Make sure  you're login to your blogger blog.
STEP 2: Head over to Theme menu in your blog dashboard.
STEP 3: click on edit HTML. 
STEP 4: When the HTML code box opens, press Control+F and enter <data:post.author/> and hit Enter. 

STEP 5: Now, just one by one change that highlighted tag to admin or your desired word. 

STEP 6: After all these tags are erased and new values are entered, save the theme and come back to blog's homepage and refresh. 

So friends, it is a little bit complex work for absolute beginners. However if you have knowledge of coding and is doing this sincerely then you won't mess up anything. 

Video Tutorial:


Feel free to write below, if you have any problem. 

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