How to Enable Advanced SEO on Blog?

In this article friends, I am goig to give you information about how to enable Advanced SEO (for higher search preference) which will surely help your blog to become more SEO friendly.

The blogger team has added such settings so that the post that one creates is indexed easily by the search engines and it gives our post to the readers.

How to Enable Advanced SEO on blog?

1. To enable Advanced SEO settings you have to visit your blog's Settings page. Goes without saying, that you must be signed into the Blogger.
2. Click on Search Preferences.
3. Here, Click on Edit button alongside Custom robots header tags.
4. Select Yes.
5. When the big checkbox list appears, click on all under the Home section, click on noindex and noarchive boxes under Archive and Search Pages, lastly click on all box under the Default for Posts and Pages.
6. After all these steps click on Save Changes.

Custom Robots Header Tag

How to Use Robots.txt and Meta Tag Description?

Here I have mentioned in detail about the other links available in the same Search Preferences Page and how to use them to set up Advanced SEO on the blog!

1. Meta Tag Description

Needless to say, whenever we search anything on Google and if the result contains a Website then there is a small text snippet about the web page. Like the one you are seeing below.
Meta Tag Description In Search Results

Now filling this up is really vital, as this gives the visitor a preliminary information about what your web page is based on and this really provides the Search Engine preference to your blog, as you have provided the description of what your blog is based on.
Meta Tags Description

This varies from blog to blog. I have attached a sample example above.

2. Custom Page Not Found

Error 404 is a very frequently seen error on the internet when we try to visit any link that is already deleted by the creator. That implies the article of the page is missing from the link. So in that case this option in the Blog's Search Preference allows you to redesign a custom Error Page.
You can add the following code snippet from here:

Error 404 Page Not Found The Page is missing. HOME PAGE Contact on Facebook

3. Custom Page Redirect

In case you have shared a link on social media but now you deleted the page which initially brought the traffic to, then you can add the new page link for visitors to be automatically redirect to the new active page.

Custom Page Redirects

See the image above.

4. Custom Robots text File

One of the core features responsible for the blogs SEO. So handle this option with caution. If you are not careful about this txt file then your website will be surely deindexed from the search engines.

How to add Custom Robots.txt file?

Thus friends you have finally learned about enhancing the search ranking of your blog by enabling Advanced SEO features for your blog.

Video Tutorial:

If you are stuck anywhere between then do comment below.


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