Protect Blog contents from being copied

Content plagiarism is very unacceptable for those bloggers who put in lots of hard work in their blog posts. No matter how much you try to piece your blog content from plagiarism, *sploggers* still give a way out.

Protect Blog Contents from being Copied
Protect your Blog from being Copied

It is still proper if copied blog content is directed to the source page, at least giving some courtesy to the genuine content creator. It breaks all shackles of patience when they find those copied posts are at a better ranking in search results.

So, in this article I have discussed how to Protect your Blog content from being copied?

How can your blog content be copied?

There are several ways which a thief may master but two of them are pretty prominent ways of copying blog content:
  1. Simply Tap, Drag, Select, Copy, and Paste. Download images from such posts (if any) and then repeat the task on the spam blog.
  2. Stealing via Blog RSS Feed. (Higher level of stealing contents)
Since plagiarism is almost impossible to tackle, you can still take some measures to make it difficult for thieves by adding proper safeguard to blog contents.

Protect your blog content from being copied

There are few ways to protect blog content from plagiarism, which I've listed below:

A. Disabling Right Click on Blog

1. Copy the code from the text box below:

<script type='text/javascript'>
 if (typeof document.onselectstart != "undefined") {
 document.onselectstart = new Function("return false");
 } else {
 document.onmousedown = new Function("return false");
 document.onmouseup = new Function("return false");

2. Now go to the layouts menu of your blog and on the sidebars click on Add a Gadget.

3. Select HTML/JavaScript button from the list.

Select Add HTML/JavaScript
Select HTML/JavaScript

4. Now paste the code that you just copied from here.

Paste the code
Click Save

5. Save it. Save the blog arrangement once and visit your blog's homepage and refresh it.

6. Visit any post of yours and try to copy it by hitting the right click button on your mouse, you'll find it is not possible to do so.

This works on JavaScript and thieves may try to disable it and then copy post contents. In that case nothing can stop your content being copied. But I have an idea here.

B. Add Watermark to Images and Videos

Before uploading images to your blog always add a watermark if you're having the rights to own that media. In case you are using media from Pinterest/Instagram make sure to add source or link back without any second thought. Keep in mind, such images that you have no rights on should be avoided. You can check these amazing sites for copyright free HD images.

C. Managing your RSS feed

Are you aware of auto-blogging? No? Then after reading this through you will be shocked. There is a website that can make it possible for scammers to automatically post every single blog contents that you publish. The RSS feed address will be fetched from your blog and then for any posts published, the scammer's blog will reflect that post.

To end that you should either allow partial/short RSS feeds or add a custom signature with a copyright notice in the post footer section of your blog, like this:

© yyyy, All Rights Reserved | yourblogaddress[.]com

You can also try and add this code below:

<p> © copyright 2019 – All rights reserved </p>
<a href=”“>Your Blog</a>

So friends, in this manner you can make your contents copy protect and your hard work is also not wasted. Do let me know in comments below if you also use the same trick.