How to Remove Powered by Blogger Attribution Widget?

As of these days websites created using blogger, most of them carry a custom blogger template. The reason behind that is it becomes less time consuming save the links that one needs to edit in the HTML window. What is noticeable in those themes is that it removes the attribution line from Footer and adds the developer name which also can be edited.

So, if you are still using templates available straightaway from blogger, then you will always see the attribution part in the footer. In this article I will explain step by step method to remove that attribution line permanently step by step.

How to Remove Powered By Blogger Attribution Widget?
Remove Powered by Blogger Attribution Widget

How to Remove Attribution on Blog? (Method 1)

Sample Image of Default Blogger Attribution Line.

Sample Image of Default Blogger Attribute

1. Visit the Themes Window of your blog and click on Edit HTML.
2. Press Control+F and type Atribution1.
Delete the entire block which goes like this:

Delete this block

3. Click Save Template.
Thus, you're done. Refresh your blog's homepage and find it out for yourself.

If you are absolute beginner in blogging, you can begin here.

There are other methods as well which I have mentioned below. However I don't follow them, as anyone who wants to remove this figure from appearing on their blog will not want to just hide it. Let us now see what other methods can we follow!

How to Remove Attribution on Blog? (Method 2)

Remove ‘Powered by Blogger’ by unlocking Attribution widget. Repeat the same steps as in Method 1. You'll find a line like the one below:

<b:widget id=’Attribution1′ locked=’true’ title=” type=’Attribution’>

Replace or with this:

<b:widget id=’Attribution1′ locked=’false’ title=” type=’Attribution’>

3. Save Template. Go back to Blogger Layout Window.
4. Navigate to Powered by Blogger attribute and click Edit.

Remove Button Enabled
Source: VRC Works

5. You'll find a Remove button added in the end. Click it. You're done.

Do you still hesitate to pen down the very first article? Check this out.

Did you know you could also manipulate the CSS to hide this?

How to Remove Attribution on Blog? (Method 3)

Hide Attribution widget by adding CSS code. Begin same as above methods. Only this time Search this line of code body { in your blogger template.

3. Add this line of code

#Attribution1 {display: none;}

above the body { code, as shown in the below picture.

Hide Attribution using CSS

4. Save template and view your blog, you will be no longer able to see attribution widget in footer of your blogspot blog.

Removing this attribution widget will add professional look to your blog. However if you're wondering about downloading custom themes, definitely give this a read.

Hope any one of this method worked for your blog on removing footer credits ‘attribution widget’.


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