Remove Subscribe to Posts(Atom) from Blogger

Friends, those who are using blogger default templates on their blog, will find that there is a link as follows:

Subscribe to Posts(Atom)

In this tutorial article, I have provided the steps to remove it from a particular blog. But, here I would like to mention about the importance of this link.

What is Subscribe to Posts(Atom)?

This link works similar to that of Subscribe via Newsletter on few professional websites' sidebar/footer or sometimes even comes up as a page overlay. This enables the visitor to get notified about your latest articles that are published on your blog.

Subscribe to Posts(Atom)

With this being understood, I hope you have already set apart a backup subscribe to newsletter widget elsewhere, and then proceed as follows.

How to Remove Subscribe to Posts(Atom) from Blogger?

Follow the steps carefully:
STEP 1: Make sure you are signed in to your blogger.

 STEP 2: Now head over to the Themes menu in the Blogger Dashboard.

STEP 3: Click on Edit HTML button.

STEP 4: When the HTML code box appears, press Control+F button inside the code box.

Delete that code

STEP 5: Now in the Search field enter: b:include data='feedLinks'.Press Enter.

STEP 6: Next, remove the entire tag line and Save Theme.

Now come back to your blog's homepage and refresh it. You'll find that the link is no longer there.

No more Posts (Atom)

So friends it is really very easy to remove this Subscribe to Posts(Atom) link from blog.

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