Download Copyright FREE HD Image for Blogger

If you're a blogger like me, and got materials to write no matter what may be the niche, a very common problem that we encounter is collecting royalty free photos to match our content and make it juicy. That's why here in this article I have brought to you guys Top 5 Websites to Download Royalty Free HD Images.

Download Copyright FREE HD Image for Blog Posts
Download Royalty Free HD Images

I've also attached a Bonus Site that equally serve our purpose at the need of the hour. Read all the way below to find them out. I've also found out free websites that go well with this. Make sure you check that out here.


1. Unsplash

With a huge library of photos and thousands more being added each day, chances are they've got a photo for you. Unsplash has been used in everything from Apple keynotes to the default theme shipped with Wordpress. You’ve probably already seen a photo from Unsplash, you just didn’t know it.

2. Flickr


Although Flickr is not dedicated to public domain images, they have an extensive library of high-quality public domain images. With over 3 million, high-quality public domain images alone, I doubt you’ll run out of stock photography anytime soon.

3. Pexels


Started in 2015, it has grown to develop a reputable stock photo library. Its mission statement phrases their aim best. Pexels is also unique in that it doesn’t only display images located on the Pexels website. It also outsources images from such high-quality websites as Gratisography, Little Visuals, and more.

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4. Life of Pix


I bet you'll stick to this website for more than expected period of time. Its mesmerizing images are really treat to eyes and definitely free of charges. Try them and let me know if they are really bound to make it into top 5's line up.

5. Freerange

FreeRange Stock
Free range

If you register on this website then you can gain access to numerous free images which are available for both personal and commercial use. Not only that, if you are a photographer then you can contribute images to this website that pays you for the images via Google Adsense.
Other than that few remarkable features include its library of CCO images that bears accurate keywords and descriptions.

6. Pixabay


One of the oldest names I was known to. They integrate images from other image hosting sites. Also the huge bundle of images that are free for personal or commercial use, makes me visit this page repeatedly when I am confused about collecting an image for my blog.

7. Wikimedia

Wikimedia commons
Wikimedia commons

Wikimedia has been serving with an amazing image repository, covering almost everything form eye-catching landscapes to ancient historical logs. Containing over 34 million freely usable videos, images and sounds, they are very useful to graphic designers, photographers, and artists looking for free and HD images.

8. Stock Snap

Stock Snap
StockSnap brings an excellent and extensive gallery of stock imagery. With so many high quality photos being uploaded every week, StockSnap isn't just a casual photography outlet. Other than categorical searches here you can be relaxed with the Trending pics on the site. It's really challenging to find a suitable alternative to such a wonderful imagery collection.

9. Shutterstock


Shutterstock helps creative professionals from all backgrounds and businesses of all sizes produce their best work with incredible content and innovative tools, all on one platform.

Shutterstock Images

Bonus Site: Pikwizard

I kept this one for the end. Why?

Pikwizard Home

Visit the site from the link above and just type in your keywords in the search field. Hit Enter and you'll find a gallery of unique images on your screen. This site comes up with a categorical menu for wide variety of pics that would certainly save you couple of seconds.

Other than that, I've been to a lot of sites for photos and this one impressed me with short yet sufficient guidelines about image usage policies in their blog. Do give them a read. I leave the judgement upto you. Let me know in comments below, which one helped you the most.

So friends, I hope I could serve you well with the information here, and you can pretty much use tons of images from these websites for your blogging purposes. Remember, these websites portray the hard work of the contributors. So do provide due credits to them.

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