May 03, 2018

Top 5 Websites To Get Free Custom Blogger Templates

Earlier I've mentioned about Custom Blogger Template. Here I've sorted out top 5 websites that can serve your needs.

Top 5 Websites To Get Free Custom Blogger Templates

List of Top 5 Websites for Free  Custom Blogger Templates

1. Arlina Design

This is my all time favourite website. Here the website language is by default Indonesian, so for other language use on page translation by Google. Other than that, I've seen this website hosts multiple themes that are free for use under Fair Usage Policy. My blog contains theme from this website itself.  The homepage of this website looks somewhat like the one below.

Arlina Design

It also hosts bunch of widgets for blog, articles that are relevant to many beginners out there.

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2. Sora Templates

This website hits second on list. There are valid reasons behind it. If there's any site containing such an amazingly sorted contents then do mention it below in comments section. Here you'll get lite, fast loading, smooth running template for your blog.

Sora Templates

Be it hospital, bank, job or any other purpose, Sora is the best option.

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3. Templates Yard

This website specializes in designing clean, elegant and beautiful Blogger templates for both newbies & experts. You can enjoy both trial version of the templates and if you like any then you may purchase one template and support the developer.

Templates Yard

It becomes easy to get what you need based on your websites niche. As the categorical sorting is marvelous.

4. ThemeXpose

I have personally used templates from this website previously and was satisfied by their service. In terms of speed and browsing time on page this website hosts a bounty of custom templates which makes your website looks professional.


5. Beauty Templates

Like the website claims this is trusted by more than 40k female entrepreneurs, and the themes put up here are seen on a lot of fashion blogs or health care blogs.
Beauty Templates

I feel this website hosts themes that will give your website a minimal and refreshing SEO look.

The above websites are really very resourceful in terms of custom templates for blogger. Hope this was productive for you all, then do share this page friends.