How to Embed PDF/DOC files on Blogger Posts?

Friends, if you have ever given a thought if you could simply display a PDF or DOC file straightaway in blog post, it would make your post look professional. In this post I have discussed how you can execute this using Google Docs. This helps in embedding your PDF files in blogger posts. You need to upload the PDF file to Google Docs and update the visibility options to public. After that you can embed the file using HTML code and paste it in Blog Post editing area. Lets get into details of the procedure.

How to Embed PDF/DOC files on Blogger Posts?

How to Embed PDF/DOC files in Blogger posts? ~ Step by Step

Keeping in mind about absolute beginners, I have split this process into two major steps. So guys, let's get them one after other.

Step 1: Upload your File to Google Docs

1. Open Google Docs website from the above link, and sign in via your Gmail ID. You will face a window somewhat like this below:

2. Click on the folder that is a deepened in the above pic, that will open your Google Drive. Now if you already have uploaded your file in the drive then its well and good, else click the Upload tab that is at the right corner, and upload a PDF file.

3. After that, the PDF file will automatically open up, select the three dotted menu and click Share.

4. Now, click on Get Shareable link and click on More.

5. Next, select Public on the Web option. See below.

6. Click Done to exit the box.

7. Again head over to the three dotted menu and select Embed this... whence this box will appear.

8. Copy this code.
Now we proceed to the second major step of the process.

Step 2: Time to work on blogger.

9. Open your Blogger in a new browser/window or tab, and then click the Create New Post button to open the Post window. Click the HTML tab. You can even work on your existing post but in either of the cases, you have to head over to HTML tab.

10. Copy the embedded code there in the suitable position you want it to be shown.

NOTE: I have it below in the demo space.


11. Publish your post after your work is complete.

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