Google Adsense Explained

Out of several ways that you can make money online, that most frequent search result that you face happens to be none other than Google AdSense.

To give a glimpse about what exactly is AdSense, well this is an advertising organ of techgiant Google, which shares revenue for its ads that are put up on your website/blog/search engines/YouTube channel, etc.

Obviously the money you earn varies on a lot of minute criteria that makes huge differences on macro observations.

How does it work?

If and whence your blog/website is verified by Google Adsense or you receive an approval mail from them, you're all set to host Google ads on your website and earn money.

When you post any content and add AdSense code on that page, the crawlers from Google will check if there are any ads relevant to your blog's content.

Now everytime any surfer visit your page, then ads will flash alongside your content. Possibly, if anyone among them clicks it, then you earn a small part of revenue (goes without saying, this varies on different conditions).

But, how is Google paying you for zero investment?

The thing is Google works like a Public Sector Bank. Suppose you're a big company which has policy of reaching out to lots of customers in a short time.

This needs investment, might be of any form. They promote their products via Google AdWords. Those products are shown by Google on our pages.

A part of revenue is shared between Google and the one whose website is hosting the ads.

Google Adsense

Do we have to pay a penny? How much can we possibly make?

For those who are new into this, let me inform you that you don't need to invest any sum for enrolling your website in the AdSense program.

More importantly, the question that persists is that, how much can one possibly make out of it? Yes, make money via Google AdSense.

To be transparent one does not have a clear idea of how much one can make money on this platform, but he/she has to be involved to know from grass root level.

Like they say, you can't clear dirt without yourself getting dirty. Anyways, talking about the amount one can make, depends on criteria like niche of website, number of daily visitors, cost per click (CPC), click through rate (CTR) Impressions RPM, etc.

The range might vary anywhere daily between INR 1.00 to INR 1000+ or even more. You can work out a very rough estimate by using this formula, I made it myself quickly so it's really rough.
(Traffic x CTR) x CPC
Now Traffic is how many visitors are you reaching out to daily.
CTR is the click through rate (normally around 1-3% ). Use it as decimal percentage so 2% would be equal to 0.02;
and CPC is the amount you get for each click.

Is AdSense for me?/ my website?

That answer is there within you. Ask yourself, if you have a website that hosts several contents or is it just a casual one. The reason I am asking you this is the main reasoning whether AdSense is actually for your website!

If you are monitoring any websites that don't follow AdSense guidelines then I suggest you should try some alternatives.
So, it is hereby strongly recommended that you first be sure on what your content of website is.

If that complies with AdSense rules and regulations you are good to proceed with this Advertising organ of Google.

To Sum up!!!

I would like to conclude that not everyone can make much money with AdSense and again it depends heavily on how much Traffic you get on a daily basis.

With that said AdSense can earn some people a lot of money, a very small amount of people have been able to earn tens of thousands of dollars every month from AdSense.

However the average high earner is capable of earning thousands a month. Also remember that there is no shortcut to success.

So focus on contents, and SEO to build your traffic.
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