Hi friends! In most of the websites that you have had visited you might have seen that there are Ads from Google Adsense. Well that is nothing crazy. But, what I have also seen is that few among them contain ads right below post title and that too in every single post. The question arises that is this possible for any approved Adsense account holders (whose blog is linked to Adsense)? and does this help in any way? Read this post till the end, as all such doubts will be cleared within it, and show you how to add Adsense ads below every post title?

How to Add Adsense ads below every post title automatically

Why should I add this code below Post Title?

Basically friends, for those who are new to blogging and find it difficult to attain a certain earning barricade, they find that due to less traffic or even with a decent traffic the revenue they get from the ads shown on their websites are not considerable. This might be because of lesser number of ad units on template of your blog, or because you did not place ads at the right position.

Out of a 1000 visitors to your blog, hardly 10-15 people on an average will read your full content. On top of that among that figure there are again say 6-7 visitors actually reaching till the footer area, where you might have added ads. So that is the situation that the visitors are reaching till the end.

However if you had added some ad codes right below the title itself then that ad section will definitely gain more impression from the visitors, as all of them start reading right from the beginning of the post. Thus, an ad located there might be probably clicked by some interested visitor.

How to show Adsense ads right below post title? - Step by Step

Step 1. As usual, first step involves signing into your blog and also the adsense account.
Step 2. After you are logged into your blog, head over to Themes menu and Click on the Edit HTML button.
Step 3. After the HTML code box is on the screen simply press Control+F in the Code area to turn on the find box, and type <data:post.body/>. Press Enter.

# You might get to see more than one results in the blog search, simply head over to the second search result.

Step 4. Once you reach to the second result in the HTML box then you have to paste the ad code from the Adsense ad unit above it. It should look somewhat like the one you can see below.

#Note: While pasting the ad code remember to remove the space between async src else you will end up with an error.

Step 5. After you have successfully pasted the code, you got one task to do, click the Save Theme button.
Step 6. Come back to the blogger homepage and go forward to any post. You'll see ads are right below the title.

In case of newly published posts it will take some time for ads to flash.

How does it help?

Friends, it is a tiresome job to add these codes to individually every single posts in your blog. Especially if your daily posts are about 20-25 minimum. So, it is profitable via this method to add the code once right in the template's HTML code and relax. Every time a new post is published then that will automatically load ads into its position below the title. This helps the content creator to earn much faster and also keep a better impression.

If at any steps you are confused then feel free to comment below. Also you may choose to subscribe to newsletter from the box in the footer.