Get Google AdSense account approved 100% [2019]

Those who are blogging are very familiar with the term getting blog approved by Google AdSense. Majority of bloggers have a dream of getting website approved by AdSense and make money online. This sounds pretty exciting, but problem is that Google keeps updating its policies and day by day their rules are getting more strict, this for newbies it becomes a situation of frustration and they quit at an early phase.
In this article, I have shared my personal experiences that I gained on the process of getting approved by Google Adsense. Read this till the end you'll definitely identify your shortcoming and fix issues to get approved soon.

Get Google AdSense account approved 100% [2019]

Get Approved by Google AdSense! But how?

1. Focus on Content

Always, always and always you should focus on the content that you are writing your articles in your blog. A lot of people try to copy it from other websites and implement it on their blog as a result of which they don't get approval because Google is much cleverer than you think they are. 

Now there are basically two ways in which you can select your content. One to earn money fast you can select any viral topic &  Two, you can select any topic on each which you are professional about or know a lot about and then you can make your blogs on that.

But no matter whatever content your uploading on your website they should be genuine and true from your part.

2. Quality Blog Design

Now, whenever you're selecting a particular theme for your blog there a few things that you should keep in your mind. You should select the theme that contains a navigation bar and that allows the users or visitors to come to your website and easily get access to whatever categories your website content.

You can get several websites where you can download search engine friendly blog themes also your blog must contain a proper header, a proper footer, a proper sidebar with the detailed description of what your blog is about. plus it should also be responsive that is it is capable to be displayed on all platforms be it computer laptop or mobile devices.

3. Create the fundamental pages

 If you have gone through the AdSense policies for getting approved of a new website then you might see that there are a few things that you need to disclose about your website, like your privacy policy, about us page, contact us page and several other things.

Now the main problem that I faced from the above part was creating a privacy policy. So for that, you can select this link and check out this website which is really very cool stuff about creating a privacy policy which is free of cost.

4. Verify your site ownership

 If you haven't heard about this thing earlier or you are completely unaware of the fact what is Site ownership then you can check out this post. What we basically do is only store website in Google search console so that we can prove that the site that we are using is basically owned with my email id and the same email id that we are using for AdSense approval.

5. Have optimal traffic to your website

Talking about this I imply that you must have decent traffic which obviously should be legal. You should strictly avoid invalid traffic. Post links on Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter or reachable fan-base that you've got a stronghold. That is actually bringing you all legal traffic, so that method you can allow to get a decent follower on your blog indirectly referring to the send traffic in your blog.

6. Remove all other Ads providers

Before getting our website approved by Google AdSense most of us used to put any other type of advertising banner ads, sidebar ads or inline ads on our website. Before you apply for Google AdSense approval make sure you remove those ad agencies from your website and make it completely ad-free and then apply for approval.

7. You must be an adult or 18 + LoL 😄

Now that the young students in schools and colleges are aware that YouTube and blogging can get you money online, so they get intended to start making money online at a very early age and forget that there are certain conditions and restrictions put forward by Google AdSense, who pays both for YouTube as well as blogging channels. The condition is that you must be an adult or minimum age should be 18 years old before you apply for approval. So the next time when you don't get approval don't be demotivated but grow a little older, in the meantime work little more hard on your content you will definitely get more traffic indirectly you will also gain more social publicity.

8. AdSense regulations on the type of contents and languages

A lot of people among us especially teenagers are very much curious about obtaining a hacked version of several online games that you need to pay for the in-app purchases and also there are a few cracked applications that you might find on third party websites. But what they do is, download them, insert in the Google Drive and then put a blog and display those things. Always remember AdSense never allowed these promotions where you are posting hacked contents.

Another important concern is about the language that you should use for writing a post on the blog below I have attached a picture where you can get a clear detail of which languages you should use while posting on a blog which guarantees you approval of AdSense. 

9. Ample number of posts

If you write only one blog post and think that Google AdSense approval will be granted to your website then you are so very wrong. Basically, you need to put around 15, 20 or at least 25  posts that are not copied from other blogs and they should have at least 500 to 1000 words. Well, at least that is a decent number of words that works well for approval of Google AdSense.

10. Using a quality level domain

Well, those who are reading this article might be a little bit experienced more than myself, but as of my experience, I have noticed that there are few websites who don't have any custom domains and yet they have that blog approved by Google AdSense. Also, ads are showing over there. Maybe they just copy-pasted ads codes but actually, they work. 

So after you earn decent traffic you can apply for buying custom domains which you can get from several domain server sites. Also if you are using blogger then you can get free web hosting from Google itself, if you are using WordPress then that differs you need to buy another hosting. 

To sum up:

 Getting a website approved by Google AdSense is not actually impossible. I thought about it too that it might be very difficult to get your website approved but keep your patience, work as per the rules that I have mentioned above. Remember these are the golden rules that I followed myself as a new blogger and got my approve website in just less than 10 days.

Even then if you have any problem you can comment below and take suggestions from my part if you find this interesting then do share among your friends.


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