How to Index Blog Post? For faster traffic

Most of the beginners and even certain experienced bloggers have a common question in mind, that is regarding the indexing of their blog post to google search engine and how fast can they rank their contents on Google. In this article, I have discussed exactly that topic of headache.

How to index your post quickly on Google Search Engine?

It is not at all a very difficult task if you know little bit about Google Webmaster Tools. Cause in this process we are going to use that. In my previous post I have discussed how to add your blog to Google Webmaster for indexing.

How to Index Blog Post? For faster traffic

If you have already submitted your blog's sitemap to the Google Webmaster then in this process simply add your post link.

Follow the steps below in order to index your post:

1. Log in to Google Search Console first.
2. If you already have your website enrolled then click on that.
3. Navigate to the dashboard of Google Search Console.
4. Under the Crawl menu click on Fetch as Google.

5. Submit your post URL to the newly opened page.
6. Then simply click on Fetch.
7. You have successfully submitted your post. For indexing click Submit to Index.

8. Just verify that you are not a robot.😛
9. Click on Crawl only this URL.
10. Lastly select Go.

So in this manner you can keep on indexing maximum 500 posts a month. Google Search Console quickly indexes the links and then if anyone wants to search on that topic then Search Engine will automatically help you rank higher in the results.


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