How to know anyone's IP address?

Internet is a very important tool. In today's time, you have to know about anything or learn something, or talk to someone, you can easily do everything with the help of the internet but many people on the internet also use it with malicious intentions.

Therefore, whichever user is surfing the internet, an IP address is given so that the identity of the person can be extracted in the internet and he/she does not misuse the internet. Apart from that, you can locate the address where the user is.

In this article, I have discussed how to track IP address of anyone around and know the location of that person.

How to know anyone's IP address?

What is I.P. Address?

Internet Protocol is the full form of IP. It is very easy to find the address of any computer or mobile. If you want to know your IP address then just go to Google and  find out what is my I.P. address. Then you can get your IP address or you can visit whatismyipaddress  website.

But imagine you are chatting with your family members or friends on WhatsApp or messenger and you think about what finding from where they are chatting with you. So in this article I am going to show you how you can find out what is their live location.

How to track IP address?

1. Create any particular link to locate address

If you want to know the IP address of anybody, first of all you need to create a link that can track the user's IP address to see if the user's public IP address is available for you. To go to the website whose name is the IPLogger, you can also search by visiting Google, then you have to open it on this website in your computer or mobile system.


After this you have to enter the name of a website. Here, you can create a short link by putting the name of any website, whether you want to use Google image link or a social networking website.

But here, the link will be as an example of Facebook, but it will carry link of somewhere else.

2. Create the short link and share it

As soon as you create a link, after this you will have to send this link to any person whose IP address you want to know, so here you can send this link by WhatsApp or Facebook chat or email, as soon as the user click on the link then you will easily find its IP address, here you have to share the link like a message and write something on it so that the user can easily click on the link.

Copy Code after shortening

So here you have to click on the click to create option, then copy the link after this, then send the link to the IP address you want to know and then once the user clicks on the link you will know its IP Address.

3. Now get to know IP address

As soon as the user clicks on the link, you will have his IP address, here you have to remember the address, keeping the name of the statistics before the name of the statistics, so that you later know the user's IP address is here, you have to click on the Logged IP's and after that you have to refresh the page, you will get the user's IP address.

Details of IP address

So in this manner you can know the IP address of your friend or family member.
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