June 21, 2018

Make Money Online with Amazon Affiliate Program [2019]

In my previous post, I have discussed about few ways of making money online without Adsense. Also, I mentioned about Affiiliate Marketing being a great source of online income. In this post I am putting forward about how can we start Amazon Affiliate Marketing and make money from it. Before going through this post, I would suggest you to read this article once:
Make Money Online with Amazon Affiliate Program

It is not anything new about Amazon. Infact, it feels little weird when we confront someone without the knowledge of Amazon. As we all very well know,  Amazon is the largest e-commerce website in the world. Online shopping from the earth's biggest collection of books, magazines, music, DVDs, videos, electronics, computers, software, apparel & accessories and more...

Why join Amazon Affiliate Program?

Here I shall jolt down a few key features of this E-commerce giant's program, that themselves suffice our quest:
  • Its FREE and very easy to sign up. Get your back up and keep rushing.
  • Numerous ways of putting up a Product's advertisement.
  • Allows you to share, embed and also add HTML coded Java Script to your blog.
  • Get paid upto 12% of Advertising fee and even more commission on Higher Valued Products.
  • Payout option being simple. Get money straight in Bank account.

How to Join Amazon Affiliate Program?

STEP 1. Open Amazon Affiliate website.

Amazon Affiliate Home Page

STEP 2. Sign Up using your existing G-mail ID.
Then you will come across the homepage as below.

Home Page of Affiliate Dashboard

STEP 3. Click on Product Linking. From the Sub-menu that pops out, select Product Links, to find any product and take out its affiliate code and share on social media. If you own a website/blog where you wish to add Banners then click on Banners and you'll get codes for different sizes of Banner. STEP 4. Lastly you can also choose to create links with phrases that will redirect users to visit, any search results, lets say, "best gaming laptops 2018" and you got to save the destination it flies to.
One by one, I am discussing all of such methods.

Earn Via Product Links!

The first item on the link list under product linking happens to be Product Links.

STEP 1. In order to get link of any particular product you have to enter the keywords in the search field.

Enter your search term here

STEP 2. On hitting Enter, the list of items related to that query will come up. Click on Get Link button.

Search Results: Click Get Link

On clicking Get Link, you'll see a page like the one below:

Customize and Get HTML

STEP 3. Here, there are multiple tabs that helps you get widget of your need. They are: Text and Image, Text only, Image only, and add to widget.

STEP 4. Choose any one of your wish and then copy the HTML code that appears below.

Copy the HTML code

STEP 5. Paste it into the post's HTML code where you want to show this product.

In this manner you can advertise or refer the product to viewers on your website.

Earn Via Banners

This is the second option in the Product Linking list that helps you to add banners to blog. There are several sizes of banners available: 300x250, 728x90, 160x600 and 300x600. You dont have much work here.
STEP 1. Simply copy the HTML code first from the boxes below the respective sizes.
STEP 2. Now, open your blogger layout page. Select Add a Gadget on any sidebar.

Select Add HTML

STEP 3. Select Add HTML/Javascript. Paste it in the box.
STEP 4. Save your arrangement.
Go back to blog's homepage and then refresh that. You'll find the banner of Amazon Affiliate flashing.

Earn Via Links to Any Page

In this third option, you will have even more sub-choices. There are more three of them: Link to Favourite Destinations, Link to Search Results and Link to any Page.
STEP 1. In the above cases you have to select the Product line.
STEP 2. After which we have to select a Subcategory.
STEP 3. Give an optional name to the link, as you wish to give it.
STEP 4. Hit the Get HTML. All you have to do is now just copy that code and paste it in the desired location.

Big Question: How then make money from Affiliate marketing?

Till this part of the post I have only discussed how one can create links, banners and other stuffs, then add them to their follower base. But money isn't earned only by sharing links, or even if anybody just clicks on it and visits the product on Amazon, you earn ZERO. You can receive money only when the visitor buys that particular product when redirected via your affiliate link. The money you received is a commission from Amazon.

I would suggest, that whenever your relatives plan on buying any product from e-commerce sites like Amazon, you fix that product and create an affiliate link of the same and share it with them. Once they buy the product, they get what they want, and you win too. So its a both side Win-win situation.

Video Tutorial:


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