Make Money WITHOUT Adsense [2019]

Now whenever we search Google about ways to make money online, millions of results pop out in a fraction is second. The next big thing we see common to most of the results is to make money from YouTube or make money blogging. In either cases, you've one thing rooted to both, and that's Google Adsense. Well atleast this product of Google is responsible for paying out isit approved users. Also Adsense revenue is comparatively high as to other online advertising agencies. Naturally, online content creators focus on working hard to get approved by Google itself.

Make Money WITHOUT Adsense

Unfortunately, some among us can't get approved by Adsense and we feel demotivated to continue creating contents. But there's nothing unfortunate in here, if you work smart.

In this post, I have discussed several alternative ways to earn money online other than Google Adsense. However if you wanna learn how to get approved Adsense account, might prefer checking out this Article:

Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

Yes! These in the reality will bring you money more frequently than that of Adsense, obviously, I am talking for the beginners. Still, I have seen a couple of content creators on Youtube who have videos monetized yet, they gain money from Affiliate links in the video's description.

How this works is, you have to create an account at reputed e-commerce sites. I am adding few websites in the section below. For the sake of example purpose, I am writing about Amazon Affiliate Program. When you already have made an account in Affiliates section of the e-commerce giant, all you need to do is find out a specific product that you want your viewers to be engaged to. After that, you'll need to copy the short link that comes like this below.

This link here is to buy RealMe1 Moonlight Silver variant. Other than this, you can also choose to add Banners on the webpage that might seek your visitors' attention.

I will come up with a detailed video on my channel very soon.

For now, the list of popular affiliate marketing agencies:

Make Money by Renting Advertisement Spaces

Posts that are dedicated to promote high-end products are sure to catch the attention as well as interest of marketers who would like to target serious audiences for their products on their sites. If you are a steady net surfer I bet you have seen several websites that add up a certain contact info related with showing Ads from individual marketers. Renting banner ad spaces on blogs for any product with guaranteed return of healthy amount of organic traffic will earn you a hefty sum. The revenue share will definitely be comparably higher than Adsense, as Ad networks sell the advertising space on blogs at about a whopping discount of 90% to marketers.

Make Money by Writing Paid Reviews

A vast section of the surfers one way or the other reads their article of interest. Normally the contents that you write on your blog is made by you and only can make money with a strong visitor base. However, you can generate extra income at a much faster rate by writing in Paid Reviews. It is very much similar to few sponsored videos on YouTube.

There are instances when you are offered to write paid reviews upon a fixed payment, where most of the cases you are contacted via emails. If you are a beginner and have not yet received such offers then you can visit the websites listed below that can help you in writing paid reviews on blog for some interested marketers.

Make Money from In-text Ads

Publishing your posts that contain sort of "in-text" ads sponsored by sites like "InfoLinks" can easily bring you a good revenue. The pay per click ads can be easily integrated and give an elevation to your starting, and obviously, this is crazy till you finally get approval from Adsense.

You can join the site from the link attached herein:

Make Money from other Advertising Agencies

Last but not the least, I must suggest about integrating you blog with popular Adsense alternatives like Bidvertiser, Chitika, Clicksor.. . In my early days, when I did not apply for Adsense approval, let aside the criteria that one need to fulfill. My website did contain Bidvertiser ads and believe me guys that provides highly competitive payout. Adbrite shares the revenue in 75 to 25% in favor of content publisher. Chitika is the golden geese for ad publishers and the platform can be capitalized to earn daily ad revenue. The action based pay per call ads pay to publishers somewhere between 2 to 20 dollars per action. Adbrite and Chitika have offered unsuspecting users a new avenue to make money without adsense. Below I have attached few websites that will definitely help you in making money without Adsense.

Hopefully, this information will keep you inspired in making money online even without Adsense. As of late, the rules and regulations of Google Adsense are getting far more strict because of increasing fraudulent creators. If you are interested in such contents then make sure you subscribe to TechGyd newsletter.

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