June 27, 2018

Screen Overlay Detected - What is this? How to remove this?

In today's life style cell phones have acquired irreplaceable place in everyday tasks. Rather, the dependence on such devices are so much on the rise, as if no task is possible without them. Especially with so many Android powered devices around us, those fulfill our basic needs of telephony and also allows to click photos, shoot videos and so much more. With the hunger of trying latest apps available on market we often tend to download apps for photo editing, video calling etc.

Now friends, you have definitely seen while installing apps there is list of permissions that come up. In the rush of trying new apps we often tend to hurry as a result of which we miss out the very details of the application. Also there are noticeably certain apps which while granting permission irritates you about Screen Overlay Detected and no matter what methods you keep trying that message comes back yet again.

Screen Overlay Detected: How to Solve?

In this article, I have discussed how this message pops up, what is screen overlay detected and how can we debug this issue.

What is screen overlay detected?

In Android mobiles screen overlay is a part of any app (or call it a feature) which enables that particular app to run over another existing app screen which is active. Now this is what actually termed as a screen overlay. Still unclear? Let's take a look at an example below.

Consider you are chatting with someone on a WhatsApp conversation window and at the same time you get to receive a message from your friend on Messenger. Now what happens is basically if you tap the chat head, it pops down from the right or left side of the screen. Thus showing you messages that just arrived. Keep in mind, the WhatsApp conversation window is still active.

Messenger chat head overlay This is app overlay

But if this permission was not allowed to Messenger App while installing this then you wouldn't have seen this chat heads popping down as this one. Thus creating a screen overlay.

Talking about my personal experience when I was running Android 6.0 Marshmallow version in Lenovo K6 power and I installed the IRCTC app to book one ticket for myself the app failed to open, flashing this message screen overlay detected please disable the screen overlay from the app settings.

Thus the question finally arrives then how do we get rid of the screen overlay detected problem?

How to Turn off screen overlay detected?

STEP 1. Go to your phone settings and their scroll down and select Apps.

Select  Settings->Apps

STEP 2. Click the Gear icon on the top right corner.

Click Gear icon

STEP 3.  Here you need to select Apps with special access option.

Apps with special access

STEP 4. Now here you will find an option like draw over other apps, now this is nothing but the screen overlay apps.

Draw Over Other Apps

STEP 5. Here select apps one after the other and then turn off this overlay permission.

Turn off

So this is how you can disable the screen overlay detected problem.
The immediate question arises that in the next moment if I want the messenger chat heads to be displayed as earlier then what should I do?

The obvious step will be to go back to the app settings and over there you have to go into this particular messenger app, where you will see the permissions option. Get into it and allow screen overlay.

I hope now you got to understand that how we can disable the screen overlay for a particular time and then reinstate that for a particular app in the next moment.


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