June 29, 2018

Why Drive Name in Computer/Laptop starts with C: ?

If you use a computer or laptop, you've seen that there is a C: drive in "My PC". Because in any PC the drive letters are named beginning with C. Also whenever anybody tries to format PC, the freshly installed Windows yet again come up with Drive letter C, but not A: or B:.

Why PC and Laptops have C: drive default?

However, if you plan to partition your voluminous drive you'll come across drive letters A and B, naturally the question arises, why so?
In this article, I have discussed on this matter. Read this till the end, you'll definitely get to learn an interesting fact.

Meanwhile, I have also authored another article that goes below, where you will surely find some interesting stuff:

Why is C drive default in computer?

I hope you are aware that earliest generations of computers didn't have any sort secondary storage devices.
As the popular English saying goes, "Necessity is the mother of invention".
Hence was devised the first ever storage device for these computers.
These were Floppy Disks. With the label of first of its kind, the floppy drives were thus labelled as A:

Default Drive Letter C:

As the technology progressed further, a higher capacitive floppy disk was  made, the name B drive was placed, two separate floppy fisks were created to run in the system, two separate drives named A and B were named.

But in floppy you could not store more data and the data that was there was not much secure i.e. the data loss or the risk of getting worse. That's why was made hard drive (after 1980).  

It proved to be more popular because your data is safe in it and you can store more data in it, after which we now see other flash drives.
Now the A and B drives in the system have already been reserved for floppy disk. After it comes the C drive which was given to the hard disk i.e. the reason while installing the Windows in Computer, it is installed in a C drive only because the A and B drives are still reserved for floppy disks.

Floppy disc

It is not that you can not keep the name of the drive A or B if you can not keep the name of the drive A or B, you can manually enter the name of A or A, as soon as the hard disk started gaining popularity, floppy disk started fading away. Now it is rarely a chance to see floppy disks around you.

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