July 28, 2018

How to Create YouTube channel and Make Money from it?

YouTube is one search platform where you can browse for your favourite videos as well as share them to anyone you want from anywhere in the world. You probably have heard that you can make money by uploading videos on YouTube, but is it so simple? Well if you say how much money one can make it can be from thousands to lacs to crores so there's no upper limit of making money on YouTube but for making money on YouTube you need to have some knowledge about it. In this post you are going to learn exactly about this thing how you can earn money from Youtube!

how to make a YouTube channel and make money from it

To begin with how to create videos for my YouTube channel?

To make money from your YouTube videos in the first place you need to learn how to publish quality content. If your content is weak and your video making quality is also very poor then viewers won't come and watch it twice and this will leave you a bad impression on YouTube. So in order to make money from Youtube, your videos must have a professional touch.  So let's learn how we can create a professional video for YouTube channel.

How to create professional videos for YouTube channel?

1. Laptop/Computer: Well these are a must have almost for every professional YouTube video content creators. Without a proper laptop or computer it becomes very difficult for you to edit videos for your YouTube channel.

2. Video Editing Software: Whenever you record videos for uploading it on YouTube there are certain things that happens behind the scenes which is not for public view. So we need to cut, trim and edit videos also add transitions all of which can be done with a decent video editor.  Without a video editing software we cannot work with the YouTube videos and give it a professional look.

3. Decent camera: Well for a beginner youtuber you don't just go for a DSLR camera, because they are quite expensive as of now and not affordable for a beginner with zero investment. So it is better to work with your standard mobile phone camera because nowadays the mobile phone cameras are made for video as well as photography.

4. Proper microphone: Well if you want to be a full time youtuber or maybe you take it as a hobby and work on it seriously then it is suggested that you should use a proper audio recording device. divorce will only stick to your video only if they find a proper audio backing your video record. So keeping the professionalism intact a proper audio recording device is also mandatory.

5. Internet Connection: Definitely this is the most mandatory point of all the things listed in this post. YouTube will only be accessible on the internet as well as your videos can be uploaded only when you have internet. Connection to internet is very mandatory also a high-speed stable internet connection is very much suggested.
So these are the prerequisites that are very much suggested for a youtuber who wants to pursue YouTube as a career.

How to make money from YouTube channel?

Now let's learn how to create YouTube Channel. First thing you have to do is visit youtube.com.

STEP 1: Visit youtube.com and sign in

Naturally your first step is that you need to have an active Gmail account via which you have to sign into YouTube because YouTube is a Google product.

sign in with your Google account

STEP 2: Click on the profile icon on the top right corner of the screen and then choose My Channel

When you get into YouTube's homepage over there you will have a profile icon on the top right corner of that page where you have to click on that My Channel option.

click on my channel

STEP 3: Enter channel name

As soon as you click on my channel option, you will find a new popup page or dialogue box open up. You need to type in the channel's name which is divided into slots i.e. the first name and second name and then need to click on create channel button and the new channel is finally created.

enter channel name and create channel

Now after you've created channel of your own category then you keep uploading videos of whatever thing you want to upload depending upon your category. And as of regulations of monetization from February 2018 you need to upload videos and that should gain upto 4000 hours watch time yearly and 1000 subscribers. After that your channel will be reviewed for monetization and you will start earning money from Youtube videos.

To sum up friends, I would like to say that you keep on working hard with a focus, don't think that you will just come to YouTube and start earning money; that is not how things work over here.  You need to be consistent and you need to maintain your content quality. And then finally you can earn lots of money from your video content that you are uploading on YouTube.


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