How To Remove Write Protected Disk Error?

Whenever our pen drive, hard disk or memory card is corrupt, we try several processes to get the storages back! Well, you keep pondering over the net, watch countless videos and yet can't eliminate the problem of a corrupt disk.

How To Remove Write Protected Disk Error?
Remove Write Protected Disk Error

The first step we normally undertake is that we go to format our Hard Disk memory card or pen drive, and there this another problem arises that is, whenever we go to format we find that there is an error message which shows our disk is write-protected. and this is one such reason why people get frustrated over that same old storage device and prepare to throw them outside.
But chill, no need to throw them outside. You can sit back as I show you in this article how you can actually put them to work. So in this article, I have discussed how to remove Disk Write Protected Error message and format your storage device easily. First, let us know what is disk write protected message?

What is Write Protected Error?

Whenever any disk or memory card has got its write protection activated that directly implies that no such task which involves deleting, copying moving or any sort of file transferring is not allowed on that disk. Can you create any new file or folder in that memory card or pen drive? So that automatically implies that whenever you are going to format, that means cleaning the entire disk or removing the file and folder whatever is contained in the disk, it won't allow you because of this write protection enabled.
So now that we have a clear idea of what is write protection then let's learn about how to remove this disk write protection error message?

How to Remove Write Protected Error Message?

STEP 1. Press Windows+R button or Click Start Button and click on the Run button.
STEP 2. In the text field type "regedit" and hit Enter.

How To Remove Write Protected Disk Error?

STEP 3. In the Registry Editor window, find "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE" on the left panel.
STEP 4. From the submenu select SYSTEM and then head over to CurrentControlSet, then finally click on Control.

How To Remove Write Protected Disk Error?

Yeah, I know this was a wild journey altogether, but there's a sweet end guys.

STEP 5. All the contents here are arranged in alphabetical order and here scroll down all the way to StorageDevicePolicies.

Write Protected Error

STEP 6. Damn, we're finally at our place. Here double-click on WriteProtect.
STEP 7. As soon as you click on Write Protect, a small window will open in which you will see Value Data 1, you have to delete 1 and 0 and click OK, then restart your computer or laptop.

Write protected disk value data 0

Then restart your PC. This time no Write Protected Error message will pop up when you copy any file or folder into that drive.
Still on the page? Okay, let's see a shorter method! Yeah, fellas?

Remove Write Protected Error using Command Prompt

STEP 1. First of all, you have to open the command prompt on your computer. Press the "Windows + R" together and then type cmd. Hit Enter.  Now a black screen will open.
STEP 2. Type "DISKPART". Hit Enter. Choose between Yes/No. On choosing Yes, a new command will follow up.

Removing Write Protected Error Using Command Prompt

STEP 3. Now you need to type in the "LIST VOLUME" and hit Enter, then select the volume.
Note: Here, you must select your disk i.e., memory card or pen drive.
STEP 4. Then type "ATTRIBUTE DISK CLEAR READ-ONLY" and hit Enter. Then type exit. You can remove Disk Write Protected from command mode.

So these are two easy ways to use to remove Write Protected Message.

Which method did you follow to remove Write Protected Disk Error? write that down in the comments below! See y'all around.

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