April 30, 2018

How to take Good Care of Mobile Battery?

For the past decade and more mobile phones have evolved a lot, but batteries a little. I believe 90% of today's cell phones are having non-removable battery except for the feature phones with keypads which contains battery than can be removed by removing the casing. As a result of which negligence from our part in the usage of cell phone affects the battery mostly and we have to rush to service centres for replacing them with a newer one. As of my experiences, most companies do not offer a sweet after-sale service to its customers. So it is irritating to face such situations.

how to take good care of mobile battery
How to Take Good Care of Mobile Battery?

In this article, I have discussed a few tips and guidelines that will help to elongate battery life of your cell phone and you can enjoy using your device for a longer period of time without any hassles.

How to Take Good Care of Mobile Battery?

Of all the components that are contained inside the cell phone battery is the one that keeps on getting exhausted the most. If you have a newly bought device and you are an average user then you can get a battery life of max 36-48 hours, and can bear a lifetime of 2-3 years in this manner. (By average I mean calls, texts, music and a little bit of browsing on the internet.)

Other than that if we talk about Motherboard, RAM, the Display, they continue operating smoothly for a comparatively larger amount of life span and say about 5-7 yrs. Yet the battery under normal usage keeps getting deteriorated.

Let us go over with the tips and guidelines one after the another and find out the healthy practices to take good care of Mobile Battery!

Tip 1: Maintain a proper charging habit

The first tip is that you should maintain a proper charging habit. By this I mean you should avoid discharging your mobile battery all the way to zero and then charge it fully to 100% at once. It is suggested to charge your mobile battery at regular intervals on a daily basis. Like after using your mobile for a time period if the charge falls at 50% then keep it to charge until it reaches about 75-80%.

How to take Good Care of Mobile Battery?

Let us compare this with our lifestyle. On a daily basis, we have food at different time intervals like breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner and supper. Also, we keep working everyday between having our meals. Now, how about you work all day long with an empty stomach and conserve all these foods till the night time, and then you try having all those foods at once.

Well, this will bring you sickness and also an improper diet will break your body's usual procedures.
So the same happens with mobile battery. Hence, the first tip is to maintain a proper charging habit.

Tip 2: Using compatible chargers

You must have heard that we should use dedicated chargers only and not any other chargers for charging our device's battery. Well for reference, I own a Lenovo K6 Power and I am charging it with a different device's charger. Well, here I would like to mention that it is not a hard and fast rule to abide by the use of a dedicated charger while charging your mobile.

5V output Charger

However, what must be kept in mind is that the output voltage of the charger must be the same as that of the dedicated charger. Normally, chargers have a 5V output, so that figure matters and should be taken care of while using a different charger on your device.

Related to this very topic there is also an FAQ that reads, if I place my device to charge with a fast charger then will be damaged or will it charge faster?

Well to this I must mention a particular mobile phone's circuits are designed to be such that they can get charged faster or at a normal rate. So even if you connect your device to a fast charger and the output voltage is same the dedicated charger then your device will continue to charge at a normal rate if it does not support fast charging.

Tip 3: Empty all charge and charge fully on a weekly/monthly basis

Don't get confused with what I just mentioned in Tip 1 above. What I implied is that on a regular basis keep your mobile battery at an optimal charging routine, but when its a weekend and you are having spare time when you don't need your mobile for any use, then you should exhaust all the charge that is in there and then put it to charge to a 100%.

In this manner what happens is all the inactive cells inside the battery are recharged and reinstated to work. This step is also helpful in gaining a prolonged battery life. Like if you compare it with people donating blood every quarter to replace the body with newly made Blood Cells.

Tip 4: Recharge cycle? What the hell's that?

One more thing that you must keep in mind is about Recharge Cycle. Usually, all the batteries that come up in today's devices bear a particular figure that is labelled as recharge cycle. Like mobile batteries have 1000-1500 recharge cycles. Also, you might have seen that Power Banks bear about 600-800 recharge cycles.

The question that arises is What is Recharge Cycle?

Recharge cycle of any battery is the number of times that battery can be charged fully from all the way zero to 100% and again discharging it to zero.

Battery inside mobile

Considering your usage be such that you charge a device battery fully on a daily basis. Then within a year, it will cover up 365 recharge cycles, i.e., your device battery will complete its limited number of recharge cycles by 3 years at max. Well, that does not imply that after that the battery will be dead and your device will never boot again. NO.

It means that prior to the end of recharge cycle when you charged your device only once a day after the recharge cycles are over you have to charge it 2-3 times a day. At that moment you can choose to change the battery within if you are fond of the device. Else choose to switch to a newer device.

Tip 5: Overnight charging is good for the battery?

Well another FAQ that I face a lot, is if I put my device at charging in the night before sleeping then wake up the next morning to unplug it, is it good for my battery?

Here some say it is perfectly okay as the mobile circuits are designed to avoid overcharging and overheating due to charging. But there are other consequences as well. I personally tried this out to find out that the charging pin of the device is damaged due to a constant transfer of heat for a long period of time. At other instance, I found the charger itself went on to get a short circuit. So what I can infer is that the mobile battery is not affected but the accessories, they are.

To sum up, readers, don't exhaust your device battery all the way to zero and charge it fully on a daily basis. You can do this monthly or weekly to ensure all the cells inside are charged up. If you happen to use a different charger from the dedicated one then cross-check the output voltage of the charger. Avoid placing your cell at charge overnight, this burns the accessories.

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