July 10, 2018

Why Enable Airplane Mode in Flight?

Many options are given in the mobile about which the people do not have any ideas, from them there is a choice from Airplane mode which has very little knowledge of the people and only the very few people use this option. So now the question arises, what is the airplane mode in mobile?
Why is the flight mode used in the mobile, why the phone is offline mode and what will happen after turning it on?

Why Enable Airplane Mode in Flight?

Apart from this, whenever we travel by flight i.e. Aeroplane, always inside the plane we are requested to turn your phone switch off or if it is of any use then put it into the airplane mode. You can use the phone when it is in airplane mode.

In this article I will clarify such doubts as well as few wrong notions about Airplane Mode or Flight Mode.

What is Airplane Mode?

Airplane mode is an option available in setting of mobile phone or call this is a feature that restricts the Transmission Signal in your mobile. To put it simple, after switching on the Airplane mode, you will not be able to use cellular network in any manner to call (or pick up a call from) someone or send and receive SMS from anyone. After this option is enabled, the cellular network, Wifi, Bluetooth will be automatically shut down in your mobile. If this option is On, all such radio tasks will halt. Again if you switch it off, the functions will resume.

Airplane mode is also known not only by one name but also by names such as Flight Mode, Offline Mode and Standalone Mode, some phones have it written as Airplane mode, some phones in Flight Mode it is written, but all the same. In every Mobile or Laptop system, there is a great advantage of using this mode that these modes save your mobile battery, i.e. if your mobile battery is almost about to exhaust and you can activate the Flight mode, which means that your battery will not end soon. Now the question arises that at the end why, why is it so requested to turn off the device or keep it in Flight Mode?

Why to switch the mobile off in flight? What if the phone is not off inside the plane?

These questions must have been heard from every traveler whilst you travel via flight, why does the attendant request us such and such things?

Entire reason is rooted to our mobile phone network, we try to communicate with the Mobile Network Tower in an uninterrupted manner so that your mobile can get 24-hour mobile network If you do not have a network problem, you can make calls from mobile without blocking anyone.

But if you go to a place where there is no mobile tower, then your mobile will boost the signal so that you can communicate with the surrounding network and your mobile can get a lot of radio waves. If you travel via flight, then at such heights the flight is controlled via Air Traffic Control Room and RADAR signals. Unwanted radio waves cause some noise in the devices and fluctuations can be dangerous and risky for all the passengers on board.

What Really Happens When You Don’t Switch Off Your Phones While On A Flight?

If you do not switch off the phone in the aeroplane or forget to switch off the phone then do not panic it will not crush whatever planes you have in it or the plane will fall down. Now technology has made a lot of progress but its It does not mean that you can use the phone in the plane. If you do this, then the pilot can get some problems. Thus phone should not be used in the plane. Let us now know how to turn Air plane mode on/off?

How to turn on/off Airplane Mode in Mobile devices?

There are many ways to turn off flight mode or say airplane mode in the mobile. You can also go on the flight mode by going through the Notification panel or in the settings of the mobile or by pressing the power button, let us know. One by one lets know them how:

1. Turn on/off Flight Mode from Notification Panel

In most of the mobiles you can slide the Notification panel of your mobile. Slide below, so that you will find many options on which you have to do this by clicking on Airplane mode. Once it is turned on then you'll see that the Airplane icon is highlighted. At the same time, the Mobile Networks including WiFi and Bluetooth will also automatically disable.

Enable Flight Mode from Status Bar

To turn that off follow the same procedure and touch that same button again, you'll see that the Flight Mode is off and the Network signals are back again.

2. Turn on/off Flight Mode form Mobile Settings

The second option is to enable Flight Mode or Airplane mode from Mobile Settings. You can go to Mobile Settings or turn Flight mode on or off, for that go to Mobile Settings and Then click on Flight mode and then turn on the switch to turn on the flight mode.

Enable Airplane Mode from Phone Settings

3. From the Power Menu

In some mobile phones you are given the option to turn off flight mode from the power button, so if you have to turn off the flight mode with the power button, then press the power button in mobile so that your phone flashes the power menu, in your screen Some options will be displayed if you have an option of Airplane mode, you can click on it to turn on or off.

Airplane mode in Power Menu

So these are some of the ways that you can turn off Airplane mode or Flight mode in your mobile, so now you can understand what the flight mode is, why it is used in mobile and the phone is asked to switch off in the plane.

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