In this article, I have given detailed illustration about creating Diwali viral WhatsApp script. This is part of event blogging program which generates an ample amount of money whenever any festival is about to arrive. If you are interested to earn money from event blogging then this article is really helpful for you.

Happy Diwali Viral WhatsApp Script 💥 (Step by Step)


  1. But what is Event Blogging?
  2. How to create a Diwali Viral Wishing Script on Blogger?
  3. Happy Diwali Viral WhatsApp Script 👺 (Step by Step)

  • Make Money from Event Blogging

  • But what is Event Blogging?

    If you are wondering what is event blogging and how to really make money online from event blogging then make sure you read this article carefully. Event blogging basically means to do blogging based on a particular event or targeting a particular event and working on your blog on that event itself. For example Event blogging can be done on events like, Happy New Year. Happy Holi. Happy Dussehra etc. Other than these you can also do blogging on sports events too.

    You must plan to work at least 4-5 months advance in Event Blogging so that your website gets a decent ranking when the event has actually begun. So that whenever any event approaches you share it maximum to maximum in every possible social media platform then there your blog will gain good impression and also if you have ads displayed on the blog, then that is absolute awesomeness.

    How to create a Diwali Viral Wishing Script on Blogger?

    How to create a wishing page like Dussehra on Blogger and how much money is needed to make such a page? Blogger is a free Google product where you have to pay not a penny of money but need little bit knowledge of customization. For knowing details about customizing how about to give this article a read.

    However, if you register a custom domain for your blog, then yes, you have to shed some money.

    Happy Diwali Viral WhatsApp Script 👺 (Step by Step)

    For creating Wishing Website how about you see detailed steps about making it, from the article below:

    Now download the file from link below:

    Make Money from Event Blogging

    In order to make money from event blogging via Google AdSense you need to have an approved Google AdSense account and over there you have to add your particular block site in the settings option.

    See the illustration herein:

    Copy Ad code from your Adsense or any other active advertising agency and then search for <center> then paste the code before </center>. That sort of space you will find two or three fill them up with different codes that you want to!

    Paste ad code here

    Visit again.