October 11, 2018

Instagram Adds 3rd Party App Support in Two-Factor Authentication

Instagram has added support for using a third-party authenticator app for enabling two-factor authentication. This option for securing your Instagram ID with an authenticator app is now widely available both on iOS and Android platforms.

Instagram Adds 3rd Party App Support in Two-Factor Authentication

What is Two-Factor Authentication?

This is almost similar to the Two-Step Login verification process available long back on G-mail. Instagram claims to add extra security to your account by sending text message with a login code, or via authenticator apps like Google Authenticator/Duo Mobile only when you try to login from a device that Instagram does not recognise. With that being said, let's know how to enable this!

How To Enable Two-Factor Authentication?

If you have not yet enabled this feature let me make note for you, it's not late yet! Follow the steps below to secure your Instagram account using Two-Factor Authentication:

1. Login to your Instagram account and head over to account settings.
2. Under the menu of Privacy and Security, scroll down to reach Two-Factor Authentication.
3. Click on Get Started button.
4. Here you'll be provided with two options vide; Text Message and Authentication App.

Let us see details in two different methods of approach:

Method 1: Using Text Message Verification

5. Touch the Toggle Switch alongside Text Message option, on the next screen enter your phone number. This will be the number where security codes will be sent.

Two-Factor Authentication by Text Message

6. Press Next and wait for Security code to arrive. Enter that 6 digit-code in the next window. 
7. If the fields are filled properly then you'll receive confirmation window from Instagram.

Two-Factor Authentication by Text Message

Click on Done and you'll be shown series of codes which are to be used later for recovering your ID. Remember, each code can be used only once and that you can request for newer set of codes if you're worried about the code being leaked.

Method 2: Using Authentication App

5. Touch the Toggle Switch alongside Authentication App option.
6. Now click on Install App button on next screen, this will take you to Google Authenticator app on Playstore.

Two-Factor Authentication by App

7. Install this app and follow the immediate procedures.

Two-Factor Authentication by App

8. Come back to Instagram and enter the code that Google Authenticator just provided.

Two-Factor Authentication by App

Done, you've successfully set up Two-Factor Authentication on your Instagram account.

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