October 05, 2018

Instagram Introduces Nametag Feature!

Instagram has globally rolled out a new way to quickly follow people you’ve met in real life, called Nametag. The feature works by showing your username on your phone in a format that allows it to be scanned by your just-to-join follower. This tag can also be customized with additional designs, colors, and stickers.

Instagram Introduces Nametag Feature

Instagram Introduces Nametag Feature!

Nametag is an innovative customizable ID card that allows users to find your Instagram profile when it’s scanned. Your nametag is uniquely yours and makes it easier to add people and accounts you discover in person.

Instagram Introduces Nametag Feature

How To Get Your Nametag?

Steps to create your own Nametag:

1. To try out nametag, go to your profile.
2. Tap the button with three lines at the top, and select “Nametag.” 
3.You can customise your nametag by touching anywhere on the screen or by tapping the button at the top to try other designs, such as colors, emojis and selfies with different stickers. 

To scan someone’s nametag, you can either 

1. Swipe right into the camera, scan over the nametag and hold down on your screen, or 
2. Enter the camera by tapping “Scan a nametag” when viewing your own. 

You can also share your nametag with friends through text messages and over other platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp by pressing the arrow at the top right of your nametag.


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