June 04, 2018

What is LOST.DIR folder in Android?

Friends whenever you will navigate through your device's file explorer or if you have by now a couple of times, you'll see there exists a folder called LOST.DIR located in External SD Card. But what exactly is this for? We don't create it but is common to mine as well as your Android device! In this article, you'll get to know what is LOST.DIR folder and if that is an important folder or not?

What is Lost.dir folder in Android

What is LOST.DIR folder?

In your android phone's file explorer you'll notice this folder called LOST.DIR on External SD card and it is on every single Android device you'll see around. This folder basically contains lost files on your device.
You might think is this the file I accidentally deleted? Well, the answer to your question is NO.
In this directory, usually referred to as folder, all those files which are stored are not those you mistakenly deleted. In fact, there are files like:

  1. Files which faced an abrupt termination while downloading.
  2. Those files which were partly stored in your device and then your device turned off due to low battery.
  3. Removing the external SD card without ejecting it from storage settings.

Can we recover those files from LOST.DIR?

This is a little bit controversial as the Android App Store contains few applications that partly recovers very less of the total number of Lost files. So there is no completely effective method that can help you recover your lost files.

Will there be harm if we delete LOST.DIR?

There will be no problem if you delete the folder, as it contains only those files which were partly stored in your device. So clearing this folder means removing unwanted disk occupation by some corrupt files.

This folder keeps coming back when you reinsert SD Card after format or restart your device after deleting that folder.

Guys, I hope you now know, why this folder exists. Do share it with your friends.