December 16, 2018

Facebook Photo API Bug! What now?

Facebook has admitted on Friday, that a Photo API bug on their platform may have exposed more than intended photos of its nearly 7 Million Users to app developers.

Facebook Photo API Bug Exposed Private Photos of 6.8 Million Users

Although such photos were not revealed by anyone on the internet, it acts as a constant reminder of its hyped yet loopholed security measures owing to 2.27 Billion Users globally. 

What is Facebook Photo API Bug?

Facebook wrote in a blog, notifying its developer ecosystem about a Photo API bug that affected 6.8 million people who granted permission for third-party apps to access the photos. It was mentioned such incident occurred in September, for a period of 12 days, and that now such bug has been fixed. 

Conventionally, when a user gives access to third-party apps the photos posted publicly or within friends are taken into account. Facebook reported the bug potentially extracted photos from Stories archive, and even those set to private or failed to upload for some technical glitch. 

Previously, Facebook was into trending section of many other social media sites, when the Cambridge Analytica incident occurred, which was alleged to have used data collected from 87 Million Users globally and used it for Election campaigns. That didn't end up quite well, and this Photo API bug now surely added some spice in it.

Facebook, on Thursday, hosted a one-day pop-up to deal with the users and their opinions about such chaos. Chief Privacy Officer Erin Egan herself rated Facebook Privacy in 2018 as a "B" in an interview and she said she hopes the improvements will result in an "A" by 2019.

While its common users are unaware of security/privacy breaches and its impacts, Facebook tends to have a flat slope when it comes to their user base expansion. We must not forget how several celebrities decided to opt away from Facebook page back in August owing to Analytica incident, thus resulted in a trough in Facebook's stock ranking.