December 19, 2018

Instagram Stories update: Adds Reply with Music and Countdown to Memories

Instagram has been updating itself quite frequently and the latest features that are added to that collection happens to be the ability to reply to stories by adding songs and one can now apply countdown to memories that they put on the stories. Let's find out in detail.

Instagram Stories update: Adds Reply with Music and Countdown to Memories

Connect through music on Instagram Stories

Now, your followers can reply to your questions sticker with a song from the music library. You can share your favorites to your story as well.

1. You’ll find the new music icon when you use the questions sticker.
2. When your followers respond, theycan choose a song directly from the music library to share with you.
3. To see their responses, open the viewer’s list and tap the play button to listen to the songs.
4. Also, when you share your favorites to your story, you’ll be able to capture a photo or video as the music plays in the background.

You’ll also find new effects in the camera that respond to the beats and sounds of a song.
To try the new effects, swipe to “Music” in the camera and you’ll see the new icons above the camera capture button.

Connect with the people you love on Instagram Live via Questions Sticker

You can also use the question sticker in Live, which lets your followers ask questions to you, or you yourself can ask one or more to your favourites! This will let you get in a real time engagement with the one on the other side of the camera!

Source: Instagram

1. If you want your questions to be answered live by someone, go to that account's story and respond to their questions sticker as you normally would.
2. If they choose to go Live to answer, you’ll see “Q&A” in your stories tray. Join the Live video to see the question they’re answering at that moment.
3. If you want to ask more questions while they’re already live, you can go back to their story to ask a question and it’ll appear in their questions list.
4. People going Live can also share photos and videos from their camera roll to their Live video, so you can see behind-the-scenes content from the creators you long for.

Countdown to your Moments Sticker

Instagram also introduced a new interactive countdown sticker in Instagram Stories. Now you can build up thrill with your buddies while you count down to any upcoming moment, like the New Year.

Source: Instagram

1. Add a countdown sticker to your story by selecting it from the sticker tray after taking a photo or video.
2. Name your countdown, add an end date or time and customize the color before sharing to your story.
3. After you’ve created a countdown, it will be available in your sticker tray to reuse in new stories until the countdown ends.
4. Your friends can tap on your countdown to follow or share it to their own story; anyone who follows or shares your countdown will get a notification when the countdown ends.

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