What Is The Best Commenting System For Blogger Blogs?

After posting about a couple of themes last week, many followers mailed about the comment system in those blogs being from a third party and not blogger's default commenting system. Would it not harm user experience? Is that profitable for your blog? Let's find out.

What Is The Best Commenting System For Blogger Blogs?

What is a Commenting System?

For any blogger or website editor, if he/she is writing a post for the website's followers/viewers then it is expected that there are feedbacks from the viewer's end too. Otherwise, the judgement of content uploaded becomes bias, like, it is indeed partial to judge one's own content whether it is satisfactory to the viewers. Thus, below every post, there exists a small link/frame that lets viewers add their valuable thoughts. Such an organised system of the user and author cooperation made via comments are actually comments system.

What is a Third-Party Commenting System?

If you want to get more comments on your blog posts then you can opt for a third party commenting system. There are many third-party commenting systems available for blogger blogs such as Facebook Commenting System, Disqus etc. Did I forget about Google Plus Commenting? Well, that's not the third party.

Why You should opt for Third-Party Commenting System?

It is recommended those bloggers who are blogging on Blogspot platform should shift to Third Party commenting system at the earliest or else you might have to lose valuable comments and traffic.

More Comments More Traffic-
This is the current SEO trend. The more comments you get the more boost you get in search engine ranking. Currently, the articles with more words are ranking higher on google search rankings than articles with fewer words.

Should You Write Articles With More Words?-Articles with excessive words annoy readers and your readers will lose interest in reading the whole article? So the wise task is to shape an article with a decent number of words i.e around 600 words and get more comments on your article. Such articles take less time to read and comprehend, as a result, your posts will get more comments. Comments will also be considered as phrases for your articles, so the more comments your posts get, the greater is your blog's rank in search engines.

Best Third-Party Commenting System for Bloggers:

Definitely, choice matters. But here are my personal choices that are ranked accordingly.

Disqus (Using myself)

Disqus is the Best Third-Party Commenting System as of now for blogger blogs. You can disintegrate it whenever you want to and you will not lose any of your previously existing comments as Disqus syncs its comments with the default commenting system of blogger which is one of the great features of Disqus.

Disqus not only syncs the comments but also imports all the existing comments on your blog to Disqus comments, so that you won’t lose any of your existing comments. Powerful, and I am a fan of this.

Facebook Commenting System

If you have an ample number of Facebook fans then it is profitable to go for the Facebook commenting system. This doubles your traffic.

Whenever a viewer comments on your blog using his Facebook profile then a notification will be sent to all his friends that the person commented on your blog. Use it only if you have more than 5K Facebook fans.

Google Plus Comments (Discontinued)

Google too has their Google Plus linked comment system. But as of late, Google Plus has been in much trouble due to user data breaching issues, that its user base has reduced drastically.

Also, there are few limitations. Like, the comments system when switched to Google Plus, restrict anonymous blog commenting.

Should you use Third Party commenting system or not?

Earlier Disqus and Facebook comments didn’t get indexed in Google, which was one of the biggest drawbacks of Blogger SEO. But now Blogger SEO has introduced all the Third Party comments especially Disqus and Facebook, comments are perfectly indexed in Google. I would recommend you to switch to Disqus or Facebook Commenting system to boost the number of comments thus boosting search engine ranking as well.

I hope this would clear any dilemma in your mind and let you confidently choose your website's comment system. Still facing issues? Let me know below!


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