Create Running Handwriting Effect on Blog

On blogger there are several tricks available that really help in beautification of Blog as a whole. That can either be done via eye-catching templates, animations  and even by styling a single post. But whatever components are there on a blog, the most appealing part is the content . That's the very reason why you have visitors on your blog in the first place.

Creating a Running Handwriting Effect on Blogger

Now there are many ways of making your content attractive. Here we are gonna discuss about adding a Running Handwriting Effect on Blog.

The posts will have texts or part of it that looks as if it's typed in real time from any laptop or PC. Similar to key pressing action that occurs while typing, every single character will appear one by one. To get such an effect and lure your visitors, use the method below.

How to Create a Running Handwriting Effect on Blog?

You will copy the following code:

<script language="JavaScript">
function type(){var t=document.getElementById(destination);t&&(t.innerHTML=text.substr(0,currentChar)+"<blink>_</blink>",currentChar++,currentChar>text.length?(currentChar=1,setTimeout("type()",5e3)):setTimeout("type()",delay))}function startTyping(t,e,n){text=t,delay=e,currentChar=1,destination=n,type()}var text="Welcome to Blog TechGyd by Sukalyan, Do not Forget Read and Comment ya!",delay=20,currentChar=1,destination="[none]";
<b><div 0px="" 12px="" arial="" color:="" ff0000="" font:="" id="textDestination" margin:="" style="background-color: none;"></div></b>
<script language="JavaScript">
javascript:startTyping(text, 50, "textDestination");

This above script can either be installed in a particular post or on entire blog as per your wish.

If it's in the post alone, you'll have to enter the code above in the HTML editor tab, not in compose tab.

If you want to apply this effect in entire blog, then you have to add a HTML/JavaScript widget from the Add Gadgets Link in Layout Menu at Blogger Dashboard.


So how's the trick? Do comment below! I'll see Y'all around.