Latest Requirements To Be Accepted by Google AdSense [2019]

Google AdSense is one of the products of the giant Google company, where if you place ads on a blog, a blogger (blog owner) will get paid. The amount of income obtained depends on the number of visitors and the number of valid clicks on ads that are instantly led in the page or post. But placing ads is not as easy as turning your palm.

Blogger must register their blog before they can place Google ads. When it has finished registering, everything has not been finished until there because it is only the first stage.

Our blog and website must go through quality checks such as templates used, quality posts and whether or not they comply with Google's rules and do not violate the rules.

Latest Requirements To Be Accepted by Google AdSense [2019]
Google Adsense Requirements

A lot of information has spread the Internet about how to get AdSense and what requirements must be met. Indeed, the information is average true, but not is as it used to be and in my opinion now to be accepted as a Google Ads publisher is easier and easier to accept compared to before, I think senior bloggers and those who have long been in the blogging world already understand this.

One of the confusing information to date is about the number of posts if you want to be accepted. Here I want to give an answer that the number of posts does not determine whether a blog will be accepted or not when registering for Google AdSense. Therefore, do not believe in the information circulating.

Here I want to share the requirements and the latest tips that must be known by bloggers who want to apply to become Google publishers because Google accepted now easier and simpler and no wonder in Blogger Community Groups on social media many AdSense account sellers scared. With the many sellers of AdSense accounts, we can already conclude that accepted Google AdSense is now easier than ever a few years ago.

Latest Google AdSense Requirements

Google itself has set several requirements that must be met by a blog so that it can be declared  "Fully approved"  and may display advertisements from Google. From some of the requirements that must be fulfilled here, I will only explain a few of the requirements and what I think are the most influential.

1. Number of Posts

This is one that many bloggers still discuss and promote. Do you have to have more than 50 posts or more? The answer is No, now these requirements are arguably no longer valid. Google itself does not currently see the number of posts in a blog. Many thoughts and understandings that arise among bloggers are more and more posts, the opportunity to be accepted by Google AdSense will be even greater. Even so, I strongly recommend a minimum of 10 posts in your blog.

2. Blog Age

In addition to the number of posts, the thing that is openly debated by many bloggers is about the age of a blog.  Many bloggers have an understanding that the older the age or age of the blog,  the greater the chance of Google being accepted. In addition, there are also many who recommend signing up for Google  AdSense when the blog is over 5 months old.  But I have proven it myself and that understanding is very wrong. In the past, "Blog Age" was very important, but as I have explained many times "Now and then it's different" because being accepted by Google  AdSense is now much easier.

3. Content / Blog Content

Requirements regarding content that is prohibited and not before or now are the same.  Google itself prohibits blogs from having pornographic content, fraud, hacking activities and so on that can cause losses to many pages. Therefore if you want to register for Google AdSense, rest make sure the posts in the blog do not violate the content rules as mentioned above.

4. Blog pages

Do you have to make a page About, Contact, Privacy, Sitemap and Terms of Service (TOS)? The answer is we don't need to make all of these pages. A lot of information is circulating that we must make all of these pages acceptable to Google. But that is absolutely not true. We only need to make the About page, Contact, Sitemap and Privacy Policy.

Latest Tips to get Fully Approved AdSense Account:

1. Template

This is one that must be considered before registering for Google AdSense. Make sure you use Blog Templates that are SEO,  Mobile Friendly and Fast Loading. I want to inform all of you that at this time Google really likes lightweight blogs because of adjusting the trend of using smartphones to access the Internet, considering that most people now prefer to browse using a smartphone. One of the templates I recommend is the "Faster"  template.

2. Avoid  Copas (Copy Paste)

This is one of the ailments that I  feel slowly must be eliminated. This happens very often and bloggers must stop these activities because it will have a negative effect on the blog. Blogs that have a copy of the results of copies will most likely not be accepted by Google because it is a copyright violation.

3. Don't have too many widgets

I noticed this very often and there are still many novice bloggers who don't understand. Using excessive widgets will actually make the blog "Load page" heavy. If your blog has too many widgets it will be better to just let it go. I suggest installing only blog supposing widgets such as Recent Posts, Popular Posts, subscribe boxes and also Labels.

4. Use of 3rd party widgets

The point here is to avoid using third-party widgets like Stats Counter, Online Guest Counter, etc. all of which are not from Google. It is recommended to use only widgets offered by Google from Layout settings in Blogger.

5. Make Interesting Posts

When the post has been created, Google Bot will automatically crawl the post whether the post is unique and contains good information or not. Interesting posts will certainly increase Google's confidence to place their advertisements, as a result, the blog will be accepted when registered.

6. Number of Posting Words

Although this has not been proven until now, it would be good to make a post with a number that is not too little. At a minimum, make sure the number of words you have in one article is recommended as many as 300 words with the core notes from the discussion on target and according to the post title.

7. Niche of Blog

If you want to register for Google thenf irst make sure the blog you own is not a blog with niche movie downloads/streaming and download applications for violating copyright and all things that smell of pornography. Blogs with this niche will not be accepted by Google.

I hope this much will be helpful enough to get your AdSense Account Approved in 2019. Good luck. See Y'all around.


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