This time I have shared the another Blogger AMP template named Purple AMP Redesigned v1 Blogger Template. In case you want to check Purple AMP HTML Responsive Blogger Template, that I have posted yesterday.

Purple AMP Redesigned v1 Blogger Template

Purple AMP Redesigned v1 is a template redesign from Purple AMP HTML Responsive Blogger Template.
Well, for those who are curious about features and so on, you can check below:


ResponsiveTrue Check
Structural Update
True Check
Mobile FriendlyTrue Check
SEO FriendlyTrue
Home GridTrue
Primary MenuTrue
Reaction & 
Donation Features
3 ColumnTrue
Homepage Tag IconTrue
Footer MenuTrue
Related PostsTrue
Search BoxTrue
Social Share ButtonTrue
Disqus CommentsTrue

AMP test results:


Valid AMP Homepage
Post page:

AMP valid Post page

Static page:

AMP valid Static page

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Download Template:

If there is a function from a template that is not running, please comment. Thanks.