February 06, 2019

Search Google Drive Like a Pro!

Google Drive is popular cloud storage. Needless to say users with valid Gmail account enjoy 15GBs of free space. With a large number of files that a user has uploaded for the past couple of weeks, at times it can take some effort to find that a particular file you’ve been looking for out of that huge stack of files and folders. In this article I've shown How to Search Google Drive Like a Pro!

Search Google Drive Like a Pro!

Like Gmail, YouTube and Twitter, Google Drive supports an abundance of advanced search operators that will help you quickly find the exact file you’ve been looking for. You can use them both on the Google Drive website and Drive mobile apps as well.

How to Search Feature Works in Google Drive?

  1. Google Drive, by default, returns files when the search query matches the file’s title, the content or the file’s description. It can also identify objects inside photos so a search for “wedding” may retrieve images of occasions in your Drive.
  2. Drive also performs an OCR and search for text inside images and scanned PDFs. I have stored a scanned copy of my EPIC card in Google Drive. I only remember the first few digits of my EPIC number but that is sufficient to locate the scanned image of the card in Drive.

How to Find Files in your Google Drive?

You can use multiple search operators to extract your search results from Google Drive. Combination of search operators can be done with boolean operators like AND or OR (in capitals) to further trim your results and find the exact file or document you’ve been searching.

Google Drive Search Tips & Tricks:

Find Google spreadsheets shared by your colleague Mathur

type:spreadsheet from:Mathur

Find Photos or Images containing photos of juice

type:image owner:me juice

Find files in the trash that were modified today

is:trashed after:2019-02-06

Find PDF files that are shared with me

type:pdf -owner:me

Find such files those are shared with me & added to my Google Drive

in:myFiles -owner:me

Find those folders in my Google Drive which are created by myself

type:folder -owner:me

Find presentations that I’ve shared with my secretary

type:presentation to:secretary@domain.com

Find all the files that I’ve recently viewed or added in Google Drive

Use this link to access Recently viewed/added files

Special Tip: Find the biggest files in Google Drive

Google Drive offers no search by size operator buy you can use this special link – drive.google.com/#quota – to sort files by size and the ones taking the most space would be listed at the top.


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