19 Twitter Search Tricks To Try in 2019: (Updated)

Twitter as we all know is a prominent micro-blogging site which is over the internet for over a decade but is gaining popularity in India as of now. Most of the VIPs are seen tweeting on that platform and when we gossip about that it needs us to be ready with first hand proof of the tweets.

The Best Twitter Search Tricks

Now there are several tweets throughout the day and it sometimes becomes time consuming to surf through them. But the same process would have been much fluid with a little shortcuts that Twitter officially allows it users to apply. Lets get started:

How to Search Twitter Like a Pro?

Below I have added complete list of Twitter search operators that can assist you perform more accurate searches on Twitter:


All tweets sent by a particular Twitter user

filter:verified cool OR amazing

Only show tweets from verified Twitter accounts

dilbar song filter:replies

Only show tweets that are replies. You can use exclude:replies to remove mentioned replies from search results.

dilbar song filter:retweets

Only show tweets that are retweets. You can use exclude:retweets to puff out RTs from search results.

to:TechGydbySM -filter:links

Tweets sent to @techgydbysm but not containing any links

elections list:TIME/time-staff

Lets you search for tweets from users who are in a particular Twitter list

youtube.com min_faves:100

Extracts tweets having YouTube videos that are favoured by at least 100 users

flood min_retweets:10

Tweets related to search keyword that have been retweeted at least 10 times

Samsung near:ND within:10mi

Tweets sent by users within the 10 mile radius of New Delhi containing Samsung

#soccer lang:en

Tweets made in a particular language (en = English)

Vivo Reviews since:2019-01-01 until:2019-02-06

Extract tweets made in a particular time period

YouTube good OR wow OR great filter:links

Tweets containing YouTube videos that are described as great or wow

#fifa filter:images

Show tweets for a particular hashtag that contains images as well

Narendra Modi filter:news

Show tweets that mention a keyword and contain links to news websites only.

from:techgydbysm to:the_sukalyan -RT

Tweets from user @techgydbysm that @mention user @the_sukalyan but exclude Retweets.

family games filter:safe

Filter tweets containing adult or potentially sensitive content.

tsunami filter:media

Show tsunami tweets containing images or videos

music concert filter:native_video

Show tweets that contain native video.

How to Find the Most Popular Tweets?

Tweetdeck brings out the best tweets and removes the trash from Twitter search results. Surprisingly, Twitter has not made this filter available outside Tweetdeck, not even in its offical Android or iOS app.

Worry not, we have an undisclosed trick here as well. You can actually filter tweets based on engagement level at the Twitter website or inside Twitter app by applying a special search operator that Twitter kept a secret.

In the Twitter search box, type any search term and at its end type the operator min_retweets:[number] or min_faves:[number] to filter your search results. Here’s a sample search that will only show tweets pointing to the techgydbysm.com domain that has been favoured or retweeted at least 3 times.

Hope you all learnt something new here. Hurry up and share this with your friends. Also let me know in comments below, which one have you used personally? Will see you guys at my next article.


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